So, are the "Guys Gone Wild" videos aimed at straight girls or gay guys?

Last night on the Comedy Channel I saw an ad for a Guys Gone Wild series of videos. Basically the same concept (and, I presume, from the same company) as the Girls Gone Wild videos – college guys on Spring Break getting drunk and showing off their bods. (No hint of guys kissing each other, though.)

I found myself wondering: Who is this really aimed at, and who’s gonna buy it? Girls Gone Wild is aimed at straight guys. Presumably Guys Gone Wild is its counterpart, produced for straight girls to drool over. But this kind of thing . . . it’s not always symmetrical, is it? Playgirl magazine, for instance – I have no cite for figures, but rumor has it that most readers/purchasers are gay men. It’s like prostitution. Most prostitutes are women who serve straight male clients. The rest are men who, mostly if not exclusively, serve gay male clients. (From what I’ve heard – no cite.)

Whaddaya think, straight ladies? Does something like Guys Gone Wild or Playgirl turn you on, or would you rather bury your nose in a Harlequin romance novel?

Are you sure it wasn’t a fake commercial?


Based on the link, I’m voting “Totally gay.”

Speaking as a straight lady, it doesn’t do a thing for me. Can’t speak for the gay guys out there! The Harlequin thing doesn’t do much for me, either, though. A guy who is good-looking & naked is great and all, but the real turn on is the personality or having some kind of chemistry with the guy…can’t get that from these kinds of videos. Even if you want to talk about what will turn me on in the abstract (like, other than my husband, or before him, other guys I dated), it is usually someone famous like an actor or an athlete who I not only think is good-looking, but who I also think seems like his is nice, or charming, or whatever. Just the hot naked bod doesn’t really do it for me. Of course, that is just me. :slight_smile:

Ive seen the same commercials. Only on comedy central, always late at night, sometimes right after the Girls Gone Wild spots. I’ve wondered the same thing about the audience.

As did I…My first and only thought was: GAY. Totally, completely 100% aimed at a GAY audience.

If it had been aimed even a tiny bit towards females, I would have expected to see a women in at least 1 frame. An appreciative beach babe, perhaps, or a gal at the party.

Speaking as a gay guy, they don’t do anything for me. It seems to be packaged as presumably straight college guys that get drunk and do crazy things let…take their shirt off!! take a shower with a gasp video camera running!! Meh.

The OP asks two different questions: I think they are totally aimed at gay men, but I’m a straight girl and might enjoy them. Also, I had a subscription to Playgirl for a few years, and kept every issue. :smiley:

The camera crews are all female and presumably they tell the guys that GGW is for stuff like bachelorette parties. My bet is that they’re marketed primarily to gay men and they just keep up the pretense of being for women to get more straight guys to participate. The newer ones have guys masturbating, but don’t seem to show more than one guy naked at a time.

Does it look like the guys get as much air-brushing for Playgirl as the gals get for Playboy?


Do lesbians like Girls Gone Wild?

By the way I realize this is a vast over-generalization.

How many guys do you see in a Girls Gone Wild vid?

I dunno, but I’m pretty sure most girl-on-girl porn is aimed at a straight male audience.

And most guy-on-guy porn is aimed at a gay male audience – although, based on comments I’ve read on this board, some straight girls can appreciate it.

There’s almost always at least one male “host” type character, in addition to the cameraman. While he may not appear in all scenes, he performs the vital functions of swapping interview duties with the camerman (asking the girls what their name is, etc), wettening the t-shirts, applauding the women who take their tops off, and telling jokes with his arm around a girl. He often appears in the infomercials, and occasionally they get a celebrity of some sort- I know Snoop Dogg has been in one, and Shock G has had a cameo of sorts as well.

The host character is frequently annoying, (though I would really like to see Snoop’s video, though truth be told I’d be more sexually interested in him than the girls) but he gives the tape an air of authenticity- these aren’t models or girls taking pictures of themselves, but real girls some guy who’s no smoother than you managed to talk into getting naughty! WOOOO!

As a gay man, I can’t think of anything more boring than watching a bunch of college guys taking off their shirts. Maybe if I were a gay teen, just coming to terms with my sexuality, I’d be excited by this sort of thing. But other than that, we’ve got our own porn, and it’s (mostly) a lot hotter than this.

I don’t think the audience for this is primarily gay; i think it’s possibly a young, closeted audience who’s still “acting out” heterosexually, and who’d never dream of watching an actual gay video.

As a straight girl, I don’t have any interest in Playgirl, Guys Gone Wild, or male hookers.
I would also assume that most of the audience for such things are gay guys.

Visual stimulation alone doesn’t do much for me. When I see guys on dating websites posting photos of themselves shirtless or otherwise trying to look “sexy”, I usually find it more amusing than arousing even if the dude does have a good body.

Besides, if all I wanted was to just see some guys taking their clothes off, I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t be very hard to find cooperative guys in real life just walking around town randomly asking cute guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to say this. It’s not like you’d have to ask him particlarly nicely, either. All you’d have to do is communicate to him that you’re not setting him up and you really want to see him with his shirt off.

It reminds me of the old Irish Spring commercials: “Made for a woman.” “Aye! But I like it, too!”

Huh? I recognize that Guys Gone Wild is tamer than Hardcore Ass Fucking In A Submarine (Midget Edition) or what have you, but it seems to me that getting caught purchasing either video reveals that you’re into men.