So are there people whose lives are just performance art?

People like Kim Kardashian, the Real Housewives of wherever etc.?

It seems like the line between real life and entertainment has been completely blurred with these people and they just live their lives being characters in a show going on in the real world.

It’s like those dinner theater plays like “Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral” where the audience is actually a part of the show except I never bought a ticket for this one. Is this just a quirk of early 21st century entertainment or is this here to stay?

It’s nothing new or 21st-century at all; people have just *forgotten *Brenda Frazier and the recently deceased Cobina Wright, Jr., and Peggy Hopkins Joyce and Steve Brodie and–well, etc., etc.

I wonder if Lady Gaga ever goes out in just jeans and a t shirt or if she always feels the need to wear the clown clothes?

I suspect that she’s quite happy that she can dress down and not be recognized.

I’m waiting for it to go meta: of course we know that if Lady Gaga squeezed a pimple she could sell the pustule at auction. But how about a documentary about the person who bought it? Much more interesting.