So ... But ...


Person #1 gives a statement of what someone has done, starting with “So …”
Person #2 gives a statement of a reaction, of the consequences, starting with “But …”
Person #3 carries on with a statement of the reaction to that, staring with “So …”

and so on and so on …


Player 1: So, there was this girl who bought a piano.

Player 2: But she didn’t know how to play it.

Player 3: So, she signed up for lessons.

Player 4: But she couldn’t afford them.

Player 5: So she got a job in a factory.

and so on and so on …

Thanks to Scott Smith who invented the game in his book “The Ruins”, a very creepy book and one that I can highly recommend so far.

So, I went for a walk down my driveway this morning.

So, I went for a walk down my driveway this morning.

But, there was a cow in the driveway.

So, I got behind it and tried to push it out of the way.

But, it kicked me in the shin.

So, I jumped up and down, cursed and sword and woke up the neighbors.

But, one of the neighbors came over to see if I was all right.

So, I asked him if he had any bandaids and a good, solid two by four.

But, he didn’t.

So, I grabbed some packaging from McDonald’s to see if I could scare the cow.

But, it couldn’t read.

So I went and got some primers from the elementary school.

But they were in Korean.

So the cow started dancing like a horse.

But my neighbor came out and put a video of it up on Youtube.

So I pulled out my Colt M1911a1 Government Model and pumped 7 .45 cal bullets into the terpsichorean bovine.

But one ricocheted off a rock and hit my neighbor in the knee.

So now I’m going to jail…

But I’ve got a good lawyer.

So, I phoned my girlfriend and asked her to feed the dog while I’m away.

But then I remembered the last time I asked her to feed the dog while I was away and how she had basically fed it all the food I kept in the pantry.