So, did anyone else watch Trump on "60 Minutes" last night?

I didn’t either. I really had no desire to, like, get sick or anything.

(Move this through if you see fit.)

I didn’t, but then again I believe I’ve managed to get this far in life without seeing any video of Trump longer than his cameo on Home Alone 2.

He was in that? Guess I should be grateful I don’t remember it.

THREAD, not through. $%^& auto correct.

No, but it was more me not being interested enough to watch 60 Minutes for the first time in forever than me actively avoiding anything.

I couldn’t even stand to listen to clips of him on MSNBC on my way to work this morning.

Nope. I never watch 60 min. I got the gist of it on CNN this morning.

You know, if I thought there was any chance that they were going to ask some tough questions, hold his feet to the fire, make him sweat… you know, like the good old days when a visit from the 60 Minutes crew was rarely a good thing for the person being interviewed… then yes I would have watched it. I had no interest in watching Leslie Stahl lob a bunch of softballs at him.

All of that. I’d like to see him sit through a session of, “Here is a video clip of you saying X, here is evidence that what you said was a lie, explain.” over, and over, and over… No moral or emotional judgements about kootschgrabben or pissinhooker, or pictures of brown babies in cages, just keep it simple and universal–“You say a lot of untrue things, why is that? Are you good with people lying to you, or is that just a one-way street?”

Yup. I remember watching Brian Williams interviewing Dick Cheney years ago and asking “what animal are you” questions. It was disgusting ass-kissing and I lost all respect for Williams at that moment.

I didn’t know in advance he was scheduled or I might have watched it. The Washington Post Fact Checker reported on it, and described it as one long stream of lies. They seemed to give credit to Stahl for being firm and following up on some of his bullshitiest answers–didn’t sound like a bunch of softballs. But I hope to judge for myself.

A buddy of mine was relaxing on a Sunday night, watching TV, years ago when he saw the 60 Minutes crew storm into his boss’s office with questions about the company’s thievery. He knew he was out of a job and could sleep in Monday morning.

One wonders what was edited out.

Could you imagine Walter Cronkite or Mike Wallace interviewing Agent Orange? Or even Helen Thomas?

p.s. I did Tivo it, and watched the last segment, which was about a NatGeo photographer who travels the world to photograph endangered species. Dumpster supporters probably have a slight tendency to think that NatGeo is a porno mag, because at one time in their lives, they masturbated to it.

I think that watching President Chump is the same thing as needing ipecac for an upset stomach.

I would bet he hates the fact that Stormy’s 60 Minutes rating was twice his…

I watched it. I thought Leslie Stahl pressed him on several items, and he revealed (twice) that he is not a baby. Otherwise, it was his usual performance. One thing I did notice, though: he does not look well. His face is red and mottled, his eyes puffy and watery. Of course the hairdo was ratted, poofy and sprayed into a weird twirl, and maybe it’s the high def, but he just looks terribly unhealthy.


Yes. Just don’t let him die in office. He needs to die in prison.

Good. I hope he has some terrible STD that is so painful that he begs the Secret Service to end his miserable existence and about a dozen of them grant his wish simultaneously.

The only people who are always going on about “I am not a baby” are toddlers.