So... did the actress Tamara Feldman change her name or something?

This is just bizarre.

Maybe John Travolta had to introduce her.

I’m not sure I’ve fund the bizarre part yet. This page shows 31 acting credits, all of them credited to Tamara Feldman (which is how IMDb lists someone credited under a different name), or uncredited. The odd part is that the page is headlined Amara Zaragoza at all, since she appears not to have used that name professionally at all. Karl Malden’s page is headlined “Karl Malden”, not " Mladen Sekulovich", for example.

IMDb does have a page for Tamara Feldman with just one role, but I suspect it’s the same actress and no one has submitted that to them yet. Maybe that’s how the confusion got started; there already was a Tamara Feldman and new roles got submitted under a new identity rather than added to the one that as already there.

Bear in mind that the info in IMDB, like Wikipedia, can be fan-provided. Some settling of contents may occur.

Also, in Amara’s IMDB listing, it says…

So, Mr. Occam says, name change.

I guess that is possible, I am just confused because it was entitled “Tamara Feldman” a few months ago.

My guess is it’s her birth name, and perhaps her mother’s maiden name.


…probably something to do with SAG membership: as Robot Arm points out another Tamara Feldman exists and probably had membership before Amara, so she changed her name accordingly, similar to what happened to Michael J Fox. So if you have to change your name: why not Amara Zaragoza?

The whole thing is a mess though, since literally every movie and TV show she has appeared in so far has her credited as Tamara Feldman.

Plus, wouldn’t there be some news or social media posts about a name change? Isn’t that sort of a big thing?

…no it isn’t a “mess”. Why do you think its a mess? She’s using a different name now. How do you think it should have been handled?

A quick google search shows that the only person on the internet who cares is apparently you. So no: not a big thing at all.

I think it is odd somebody would edit the IMDb page like that when there is no online source for a name change, and Wikipedia page is still titled “Tamara Feldman”. How can we know that is a correct information, and how would the editor know when there are no sources? It seems weird.