Help-- Actress ID

I hope this is the right forum, as opposed to GQ…

I’m trying to figure out the name of an actress. I have no idea what movies/TV she was in, but she was in a set of commercials for a cell phone company a few years ago. She’s a bit older, with long dark hair. I remember her dancing in one of the commercials…

It’s not Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Thanks in advance.

Carrot Top.

Sorry. The only other phone-commercial actresses I know of are Alyssa Milano (as Eva Savalot) for some collect call service and Joan Cusack for some other cell phone company.

Teri Hatcher? I think she did some Radio Shack commercials, and I seem to remember them advertising cell phones sometimes…

I know who you’re talking about and I WILL think of her name, but right now it’s circling around in my head and I can’t get it to land.

She did the commercial with the trapeze, right? Dark hair, blue eyes… it’ll come to me.

You are thinking of Sela Ward.

(What do I win?)

Sela Ward!

In all likelihood you are referring to Sela Ward.

A big smack upside the head for sneaking in seconds before me and stealing my glory, that’s what!

Uh, can I take a pass on the prize?

Woo hoo! Sela Ward is who I was thinking of. I was driving myself crazy. I thought her name was Selma something last night and kept trying to convince myself it was Selma Blair…

Um. Future considerations and a debt of gratitude? :slight_smile:

Dang! I was going to say Rula Lenska.