When did imdb change format (again)?

I went to look up an actor to see what episode of a show she was in, and the site no longer lists episodes under actor’s credits, just the show itself.

For example, I give you Camille Chen. What episode of the 20 seasons of L&O was she in? Who knows?

Why did they do this? It’s like a gigantic step backwards. It’s far worse than when they wanted to remove actresses’ birthdays.

It’s like they don’t want to be useful anymore, except as a place to stick movie ads. Content matters! It’s not just the stuff between commercials!

That’s crazy. I loved the old format - this new one is nearly useless. By googling the character name “Emma Kim” and “Law and Order” I was able to find that the episode she was in was “Just a Girl in the World” https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1497512/ but that was not as easy as it should be (and used to be).

The site seems to be losing ground to Wikipedia. Lately, when I want to look up a movie or actor, I find myself going there first.

Also, although it was often a troll cave, the IMDB became less interesting when they removed the comments sections.

IMDB sucks. I’ll never forgive them for getting rid of their message boards, and Amazon is lucky there are no good alternatives.

Try TMDB, it’s not nearly as good as IMDB was in it’s prime, but it’s semi-decent.


^ I have no idea if that filmography is accurate.


You go into the “Show By” drop down box to get into the individual episodes (I did it through “Year” and then clicked “TV Episodes”). I imagine they did this because most people don’t care about which individual episode an actor was in.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV Series)
Dr. Maya Zhuang

  • Cadaver (2011) … Dr. Maya Zhuang

Law & Order (TV Series)
Emma Kim

  • Just a Girl in the World (2009) … Emma Kim

Not seeing any difference in Chrome.

Whoh! It’s back to the way it was! WTF?

Did we catch it during system maintenance or something?

I checked different computers and browsers before I started the thread, just to be sure it wasn’t me.

Yeah, I checked too and it wasn’t showing the episodes before.

Just because Farouk is awful doesn’t mean that David isn’t also awful. I’m not interested in faffing around about how one character is better because another character is even more horrible.

If this show tries to redeem David’s (essentially) mind-rape of Syd, I’m fucking done with it. I’m mildly interested in seeing how the saga of two awful antagonists and their somewhat inept victims plays out, though. They’ve clearly signaled that David isn’t a hero, even though he’s up against Farouk the villain.

Wrong thread?


Wrong thread, but noted. :smiley:

I don’t know if it makes any difference, but I am always logged into IMDb. I joined about 20 years ago I think, and as far as I can tell I see the page format differently to people not logged in.

This isn’t IMDb Pro, btw, which is something else, where they charge a fee and you see contact details and more, which is specifically set up for Industry folk.

So, I’m not the only one, then?

I followed the link in the OP and this is what was posted on IMDb:

2009 Law & Order (TV Series)
Emma Kim

  • Just a Girl in the World (2009) … Emma Kim

it still lists the series and the episode that she appeared in.

It appears to have been just a short-lived display. I was worried somehow the tablet version of imdb had taken over. I can’t even use the site on a tablet, it’s formatted so poorly.

Damn multitab browsing. Tho I don’t even remember reading this thread until today…

I noticed the same thing yesterday. I grumbled a bit and carried on. I’m glad it’s been reverted.

Does anybody remember that brief period of time IMDB required a credit card number just to verify you were older than 18 to post on their forums or submit reviews?