So Dockers fit normally again

I don’t know what has happened to Levi’s, but their damn pants have been fitting all weird for a number of years now. Either the thighs are too tight, or the crotch is too high, or some other weird damn thing.

It seems like only the past few months that I have been able to find Levi’s that fit like I remember them. Being curious, I decided to try on a pair of Dockers last night.

Wow! The thighs are comfy, the waist sits right, even the pockets are nice and deep. So I bought a pair!

So, if any guy out there was like me and abandoned the brand due to weird fitting, please check them out. They’re actually quite comfortable again. Yeah!

I’ve noticed they fit different every time I buy a new pair. I’ve also noticed they’re made in a new country every time as well. I don’t buy often enough to know the idiosyncrasies are directly related to the country, as opposed to being just batch to batch variation, but I suspect it is.

The pair I got a year or two ago had a short crotch, and was made in Egypt. My latest pairs seem OK; they were made in Haiti.

Happened to me too. It’s a condition called middle aged spread…

I have been having problem with their jeans. But never with Dockers - always fit perfectly. I try them on just to be positive that they weren’t mismarked, but they always fit great.

They’re still selling Dockers pants??

I saw you holding hands
With some guy wearing light blue Dockers pants
And I thought that I might just give you a chance to explain
What the hell is in your brain

  • Fountains of Wayne

Wasn’t that the original point of Dockers, that they’d fit people whose aging bodies no longer did well with the way Levis are cut?

I think what the OP is saying, and I might be wrong, is that every time he bought a pair of Dockers in the same size, the cut and fit was different. I know that’s happened to me, to the point where I did give up the brand. I would try on a pair of navy, they’d fit ok, and I’d grab a tan pair too. Same model, same size.

I’d get home and they’d fit totally differently. The rise would be different, the waist would be different, and they’d be so uncomfortable I’d return them. The next time I’d go to get some the navy (again same model, same size) would fit oddly.

It wasnt worth the hassle.

Bingo! Somebody gets me!

My problem has been that they seem to try and chase a fashion trend (like tight pants) but don’t execute it well at all, making a really uncomfortable pant.

The new pair I bought actually fit like a pair of staid khakis should. I don’t want tight thighs. I don’t want to show off my ass. I want a pair of nondescript slacks that are comfortable to wear.

It took me a while to figure this out, particularly when I was losing weight last year. In addition to waist and inseam measurements, they have four different cuts, ranging from D1 (Slim) to D4 (Relaxed). They appear to be similar on the shelf, and are often mixed up by shoppers and sales staff. I find that as long as I stick with the ones that say D3 on the tag, they fit me consistently.
Dockers Fit Guide

Levis have definitely changed. I can still wear my ~20 year old Levis, they are just have holes in the knees. All new pairs I’ve bought aren’t the waist/length they are supposed to be.