So, Furt, how'd you do it?

Over in the GD thread on the SCOTUS decision on health-care, furt made this prediction before the decision came down:

So, furt, how’d you do it? what led you to predict that Roberts would side with the liberals in a 5-4 split for the first time since he’s been on the Court? (I’m impressed, by the way.)

Obviously, he is Roberts. Hi, SCOTUS!

So the Dope has it’s very own Manchurian candidate? I’ll bet furt was really born in Hawaii.

I think that should be “Hi, CJOTUS!”

Well, he would have told all the other justices about this place, so I think they’re all here.

It’s a damn good call. I never did see anything unconstitutional about it, but I didn’t expect the court to come out with that clear cut of a decision at all. I never would have predicted Roberts as the swing vote.

Makes sense. I’m thinking Clarence Thomas will just lurk.


And Scalia will either learn to confine himself to the Pit, or he’ll be banned on short order.

Just five minutes, Worm, Your Honor…