So... hey. How's tricks?

What’ve you been up to lately?

I haven’t been around here much lately, but since I am now on maternity leave I thought I’d pop by and say hi.

So yeah. Hi. What’s new?

The usual. Lots of mindless blather, a few “interesting” people including at least one new 9/11 Truther, a couple of bannings of people you probably don’t know, that sort of thing. Personally I bin doing some singing and the rest is work and raising my own sproglet, who is two years old already and showing signs of incipient precociousness.

How’s the pregnancy treating you? Did you ever get your cookery business going properly? And when are we getting a London Pie Festival?

She’s two alrready? Blimey.

Pregnancy has treated me very well, thanks. I am aproximately the size of a hippo now but happy to be so. Five weeks to go and no complaints.

No, I let the cookery business idea drift. Pure laziness on my part. Still cooking plenty though.

The small sheep are well, btw.


Hiya Frannie!

My goodness, it’s Francesca! What’s been happening (other than the already-stated)?

Hey! How’s tricks?

Well, hmm, long-term or short-term? Long-term, as stated, I’m shortly going to spawn. That’s quite exciting. Having a girl. Still living in London, working in TV, tra la la.

Short-term, I haven’t left the house today but I have done a significant amount of cleaning.


Hey Francesca! Many congrats on your baby-to-be :slight_smile: snogs

Eh, I’m still kicking. Guess that’s worth something…