So, how do _you_ hold it

I did a quick search and didn’t turn anything up, so I turn to you, fellow dopers. How do you hold it?

I watched Gattaca again yesterday afternoon, and the scene with the doctor piqued my curiosity again. I realized that whenever I… micturate… I pull down the top of my underwear with my left thumb (just tuck that sucker in there where its nice and warm) and hold on to Big Olaf with the first two fingers of my right hand. Every time. I tried switching off, and doing the crucial aiming/ooh-look-zigzags! functions with my sinister hand (also known as Janet. ;)) and it just felt odd. I couldn’t do it. I very nearly pissed all over myself.

When peeing naked, I just use my right hand, and do a freeform interpretive where do I put my other hand dance. It’s nice, but I find I splash the toilet seat more when naked. Perhaps my balance is off?

In the shower it’s a free for all. Hands at the sides, face in the spray and who cares where it goes. God I love peeing in the shower…


(If this is more of an IMHO sort of post, feel free to move it and mea culpa):eek: :eek:


What a disturbing image that is!

Er… need a little postit that says “preview post for odd imagery”

Of course I meant spray of the shower. Yeah… that’s the ticket…


Jeeeesus…another TM(F)I thread. Goodnight all. Enjoy your very wet dreams Tenebras…:rolleyes:

Disturbing. I hold it exactly the same way you do. Hmm.

Pinky extended.

I use a pair of tongs.

I have someone on call for this type of work.

You’re supposed to HOLD it??? No wonder I always make a mess!

while peeing i put one hand on the peeing equipment the other hand goes against the wall than while peeing i do one handed push ups against the wall . When i take a shit i do sit -ups

I must use both hands and a forked stick.

I usually try to sub-contract the job…

Very carefully.