Guys, what is your other hand doing while you're peeing? (TMI, probably)

If anything is mundane and pointless, this is…however, for some reason, I don’t think it’s incredibly so…rather I think it’s one of those questions you’ve never really thought about before, but once you do, it yields interesting results and answers. And that, of course, leads you to wonder “what would other guys’ answers be?”

So there you go. When you’re taking a leak, obviously one hand is occupied (at least, I hope so). So what’s the other hand doing usually? By your side? Leaning against the wall? Me, I’m usually scratching my lower back with my thumb as the great relief pours over (and out of) me.

Shadow puppets.

:confused: Holding the rest of Mr. Happy.
What else would I be doing with it?

Who needs hands?

Learn to aim, man!


I need both hands and an assistant to steer.

Both hands are usually holding a book. The doctor told me to sit to pee…he doesn’t want me lifting anything heavy.

Holding the elastic so it doesn’t snap back, what else? I don’t use the trap door.

Minding the twins.

Junk-cradling, junk-scratching, picking my nose, or just kinda at my side.

holding up my pants.

Holding a pint of Jack Daniel’s.

Keeping the elastic from either a) squeezing the boys or b) sliding up and making me point skyward during the elimination process.

The same thing it’s doing the rest of the time, Pinky. Trying to take over the world.

Brushing my teeth.

Hmmmm…I’m decideding who here to date. Rick sounds good. Should take at least two hands. Boyo Jim sounds even better but I don’t hold it till the the third date.

And Lakia sounds like fun if he’s willing to share…

Either assisting the first hand - size doesn’t make this anywhere near necessary, but two hands make for steadier aiming - or holding a drawstring out of the way, if I happen to be wearing trousers or shorts that tie up with one (often the case).

I really can’t think, I may post later after peeing, but this thread will just make me think about what to do with it and then it’ll be all over the place just looking for things to do :smack:

If you go with Boyo Jim, you’re likely to have a job for life!

Hubby’s other hand is usually busy trying to slap me or shut the door in my face because I’ve poked my head in to make fun of him whilst he’s stuck in place :smiley:

I’ve noticed a generational thing going on with this. I, and people of younger generations, tend to hold the pants/underwear out of the way with the spare hand. Older men seem tend to put it (their other hand, pervs!) up against the wall. Perhaps, many moons ago, there was some sort of taboo regarding using both hands?