many Clementines can you eat in one day?

This time of year I seem to have an over abundance of clementines in the house. You know those small wooden boxes filled with 30-40 Clementines. I usually eat 2 or 3 a day. Lately I have been eating like 4 or 5 a day.

How about you? Do you partake of the clementines in your house?

I’m eating 2-3 a day right now.

I like them, but I’m sick of the Clementine Cabal only selling them by the crate.

I wonder why you can’t buy them singly?

Oh, my darlin’,
Oh, my darlin’,
Oh, my dar-lin’ …

What’s the difference between a tangerine and a clementine, taste-wise? I’ve never felt like buying a crate of clementines just to find out it has that blah tangerine taste.

They are more tart then tangerines and the dictionary [merriam webster] say’s: they are probably between an orange and a tangerine.

I’ve got a 3 a day habit. I’ll probably get the shakes once clementine season is over.

I really do wish I didn’t have to buy a giant crate of the things, though, because even at the rate I’m going at, I suspect that a few will still end up going bad before I can eat them. Boo on the crate conspiracy!

I can eat about 7 in a sitting if the mood strikes and my wife eats 4. We used to buy two boxes at a time but have cut back to one.

I have seen them in smaller bags once or twice.

Your poll has missing critical information.

How many are available, and is the supply replenished daily?


I used to eat them non-stop, back in Seoul. Like, seriously, I think I ate at least ten a day. Those things are everywhere in the winter.

I buy a box every couple weeks, because I love them, but I can’t seem to get through all of them before some go bad. So I’m resolved to finish the box I bought yesterday – 28 clementines in it. I ate 2 last night, and I’m aiming for between 5 and 7 a day so that I can finish them before they go bad.

Hey, everyone needs a hobby, right?

Quite a few too many, apparently.

Thanks; for once, Wikipedia hadn’t been too helpful for me on this question. Tart is good-- I might have to buy a crate the next time I see them. I wouldn’t have balked at trying them before if they’d been available in smaller amounts.

I’ve managed a crate in a day. So that would be somewhere around 30 or so.

Oh, God, I love those things. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to peel, so very easy to eat.

Many. And the peels have to come off as one piece, or they do not count. Right?

My sister-in-law peeled one last year at Christmas so that the peel looked like a snake.

The next meal, everyone else tried to do the same. Some were more successful than others–my nieces, aged not quite 2 and almost 4 were particularily unsuccessful.

Sister-in-law wasn’t sure whether to be amused at us imitating her, or irked by it.

I eat no less than 5-7 in a sitting.