So, how many consecutive orgasms have you achieved (or provided)?

The topic says it all.

Ladies, how many consecutive orgams do you typically enjoy? What’s your max?

Guys (and bi/lesbian gals), what was your best performance pleasuring your partner?

Er, I’m a rather lucky one; six in one night. That was with no breaks, continuous sexy-time.

Generally three to five.

Lady reporting in …

Best I ever did was eight over the course of about 45 minutes. I usually average about 3 per session these days.

Lost count at 14 one time. That was a rarity though. I usually only am good for 6 or 7 I’m guessing. I don’t really keep track anymore…just live in the moment. I think it would put a little undue stress on both of us if I kept a tally on a notebook by the bed.

Hmmm… Solo I once did 17 over a full day as a young teenager.

With the lady-folk, I cant say I’m very experienced. My record is 3 for giving, and 3 for receiving.
I must say though, not to be a negative Nancy or anything, but, in my experience, having one fantastic orgasm can be much more fun than 2 or 3 average ones.