Multiple orgasms (poll for women)

Hello ladies,

What is the most orgasms you’ve ever had in one session of sex (or in one day if you prefer)?

I’ve had an amazing experience of 5 last night with my SO in one session.


I know I’m not a woman, but I did request that my girlfriend count one time and it was near 100. Her counting out loud was great! We had been drinking a bit, and it was over about an hour’s time which I think contributed to the number and durration.


Are you f-ing kidding me? 100? Are you sure it wasn’t the alcohol?

I think she was counting in a linear fashion :slight_smile:

She has a sort of hair trigger in that fashion. Instead if a big slow build up and release, she describes it as a fast build up and release of some sort. Not being a woman, I can’t testify. She did seem like she was having orgasms though, and there were after shocks for a bit afterwards.

Can’t count. My mind is on other things while it’s happening. But it’s a lot.

And I second the “Are you f-ing kidding me?” - when there is alcohol involved I can’t even have one !

Uncountably many is common for me. I figure if I can be coherant enough to count 'em, it wasn’t that great. :wink: Lately I’ve been having orgasms that last extraordinarily long, too. It’s nice.

That averages out to be about 1.5 orgasms every minute. If that is really true, then I’m floored. The most I’ve had in one session is 7 or 8. But they are always big ones.

What a fucking second here? Why do so many guys say that it’s so hard to get a girl off, yet you’re all in here testifying to having multiples?

Do all the guys who say it’s hard just suck?

It’s kind of hard to tell, too. I mean, not to brag, but sometimes it’s like I’m certain that I’m having one and then suddenly it will become much more intense. Does that mean the first one wasn’t actually an orgasm? I think there are different levels, which interferes with my counting. We need a rating system. Do you mean “satisfactory” orgasms? “Mind-blowing”? And, if I have enough “mind-blowing” ones, it turns into a “Super-duper-mind-blowing” one.

Good point Cowgirl, I mean BIG ones, the ones that you cannot walk after.

I think we’re experiencing some selection bias here. Not so many people are going to announce to the world that they are not multiply orgasmic.

(And if the guys sucked, maybe the girls wouldn’t have these anorgasmia issues. :wink: )

Well, my fiancee (the ladybug) has a limit of two.

I can give her the first one with oral stimulation, or using our little toy. Usually that’s enough, cause she’ll be out of it for a minute or so afterwards, and sometimes I even tease her by saying “welcome back” after that.

If she has a second one, it’s so intense she’ll roll over on her tummy, clench her thighs together, and quiver like an electrocution victim. All I can do is leave her alone. If I try and stimulate her any further, I’m at risk of being punched. She doesn’t even want to be touched.

I always say “Welcome Back” after she recovers from those. :smiley:

I feel like I’m missing out on something though, sometimes.

I think you’ve run into a chronology problem, my dear chap. The rate you cite averages out to be one orgasm every 40 seconds–and you’re talking about repeating that 99 times over a period of one solid hour?

Factoring in that the orgasm itself must last for several seconds, plus the normal recovery (refractory?) period, plus the buildup itself (and the dulling effects of the booze), how is this possible?

Forget the girl’s name, let me know what you were drinking.

Usually lose count at about 20. My boyfriend almost always insures that I have at least 5. The least amount I’ve ever had? (with him). One.

The most? Again, I have no idea, I’m usually unable to think much at that point.


It’s actually pretty easy to get a woman that turned on and satisfied. It just takes a bit of time, and knowing where to touch and how. And THAT does take communication.

Some men aren’t into being that generous, if you haven’t gotten off in roughly the same amount of time HE considers “adequate” that type of guy pretty much thinks “oh well, guess you weren’t into it”.

IMnsHO? If the man “can’t” do it. He’s either really new at it. Or, he just doesn’t care.

It’s possible. Once a woman gets into the plateau phase, she can have orgasm after orgasm, no build up or refractory phases happen (like I think you’re comparing to a man’s orgasm??). So, basically they happen as fast as you can count them, with little or no build up or refractory in between.

It happens to me all the time. I’ll have one fairly decent one, and then my boyfriend can keep me in a state of having one right after another for an hour before a super-duper-mind-blowing one.

I think someone else here called in counting in a linear way.

While it’s great that you are able to have orgasm after orgasm, let’s remember that not all women are the same. I know plenty of women who have great communication with their SO’s, they touch them in all the right places, etc., etc., but having 20 orgasms in a row just ain’t gonna happen.

And why should we need to have multiple orgasms all the time? The best sex I’ve ever had wasn’t based on the number of my orgasms. It was based on the intimacy and love I felt for my partner. There are too many men who tie women’s orgasms to their ego’s.


Erm, I did it all by myself!

I didn’t say that all women needed to be the same, nor was I saying that those that don’t have multiples had anything “wrong” with them. I was merely giving information ABOUT multiples and how they work sometimes to the person who’d asked how that was possible.

I understand what you’re saying. I guess I am more directly concerned with men who feel inadequate when they can’t give a woman multiple orgasms.