So how many inches of rain did you get in 2015?

I have a home in Pepeekeo on the east side of the Big Island in Hawaii, the rain gauge topped out at 266.33 inches, about 66 inches above normal.

Its kinda surprising because almost no rain fell from the start of the year until mid March.

How much rain did you home get?

Northwest Washington, just below the Canadian border, 33.53 inches.

Was it 2.8 inches in 11 months and the rest in December?

About 54.34 inches. Three very wet months (April, August and November) and a couple real dry months (June and September), the rest pretty close to seasonal averages.

I live in Los Angeles, not enough rain in terms of inches nor amount of days. We are expecting some soon.

In 2015 we got 44 inches of rain and 114 inches of snow.

According to the National Weather Service, Columbia MO got 49.75 inches of precipitation this year, 7.13" above normal (including 7" in December). My folks in St. Louis enjoyed 11.74" of rain in December, giving them a whopping 61.24" on the year. That’s 20.28" above normal.

Dallas, and we got 68 some-odd inches of rain in 2015, 9" above the old highest record, and nearly twice the average annual rainfall.

What’s even more strange is that there was a stretch of drought in the summer believe it or not. From about early June through about mid-September, I think we maybe got 0.25" or so of rain.

The metro area where I’m at got 7.15 inches of rain last year. Welcome to the desert!

How about snow?

For the winter of 2014/15 we got 329". Twenty seven feet total. Measured daily at our house.

Near Sacramento, CA. Average is just above 20 inches of rain - in 2015 we had about 6 inches. Almost all of that was in Feb, Nov and Dec. If El Nino meets expectations, we may be able to put a small dent in the ongoing drought here. People talk about a drought-buster, or miracle March, but we’ll see. Early winter 2014 looked promising, but then the spigot got turned-off in Jan 2015.

We had 45 inches of rain at our central Ohio location, close to 6 inches above normal.

It’s deceptive though - seeing that there was a prolonged dry spell (if not a formal drought) between late summer and mid-fall, then a bunch of rain to push the total above normal for the year.

The most rainfall in a year for any place I’ve lived was about 88 inches near Houston (which tends to alternate between flooding and drought).

No! This is the Pacific Northwest! It rains here all the time! Don’t move here! :eek:

(j/k. I moved here. But it does rain all the time from October through May. Only, just a little at a time.)

Only a couple because I stayed inside most of the time when it was wet out.

40 inches of precipitation, which was about three inches above normal, and 45 inches of snow, which was about nine inches above normal.
A pretty average year in northern Illinois.

One of the ways I have been amusing myself lately has been by tabulating daily rainfall.

Totals in inches for the last few years:

40.74 2012
52.49 2013
37.11 2014
42.42 2015

41.67 was the long-term average going back from several decades up to about 2000.

IIRC the record high for one year was about 62 inches in the early 2000s, and the record low was in the mid 20s some year or another before then.

Little Rock got 8.38 inches the Dec normal is 4.97 in

total for 2015
61.23 inches the normal is 49.75 in

yes, it was a very wet year. Except very oddly we had a short drought in Aug,Sept, Oct with almost no rain. Then Nov and Dec was crazy wet. Thats what pushed us above normal.

Thank you aceplace57, a standardized link of where to look that up is nice to have. 'cause my search-fu was failing me at finding where in the NWS stats pages is our cumulative data for 2015.

In Tucson we had about 11 and a half inches this year, which is significantly more than usual.

It’s a desert!

I’m thankful the drought broke in Texas and parts of the south. It was only two or three years ago that they were worried about Atlanta running out. The rains this year helped some, but Atlanta still has issues getting enough water. Texas had lakes and reservoirs drying up and they are full again.

But on the negative side, there is flooding in Missouri and the Mississippi river is threatening levees. We had some flooding last week in Arkansas but thankfully it quickly receded.