So how much is a tooth worth these days?

My oldest son just lost his first tooth… I’m curious as to what the toothfairy usually brings for the pearly whites these days.

At my house it’s $1. Not a whole lot of money, but a 4-fold increase since I was a kid.

It all depends on how it got knocked out and how good your personal injury lawyer is.

Hm. Zenster, what was that you were saying about cynicism?

SD, I give a dollar. Four quarters, so they can say they have “lots of money.” I still have the baby teeth, packed away in my hope chest. I think we’re pretty much done, now that they’re 13 & 10.

It’s $1 here, too.

Did you know that the tooth fairy will accept a picture of the lost tooth if you REALLY lose it? (She also finds you when you’re camping a whole state away!)

She also accepts signed letters from daddies promising that the tooth really was lost.

[sub]I still have the letter my dad wrote.[/sub]

Our tooth fairy brings a shiny silver dollar. I happen to know that she’s got a few fancy new gold sacajawea dollars stashed in her purse, but no one’s lost a tooth for a while.

Cynicism, feh! I’m talking capitalism!

PS: Maureen, could you make it to La Casita in Fremont for lunch sometime? They have the best tacos dorado in the south bay.

Wow, inflation’s really socking it to the tooth fairy since I was a kid.

As I recall, back in '74 she also gave a bonus if you lost both front teeth on the same day.

It was 10 cents when I was a kid, so now I guess it should be 50 cents for a kindergartner, 75 cents for a second grader, and one dollar for a fourth grader. After that tell the kid that if he wants money he should quit yanking his teeth out and instead go mow the neighbors lawns or something.

We asked my 6-year-old this question and without any detectible lack of seriousness and also without missing a beat she replied, “About 20 bucks.”

She actually got one Sacajawea for each tooth. Fortunately she’s still at the stage where pretty trumps value.

[hijack] Zenster, La Casita is one of my favorite places. Is the party still on for the 27th, or just you and me? [/hijack]

Most kids don’t lose teeth until about first grade, although some undoubtedly will in kindergarten and some may not lose their first tooth until second grade.

We’ve also gone with Sacajawea dollars, which look like golden treasure when nicely polished.

My daughter presented me with a “tooth” she had lost. To her credit, it really did look like a tooth, but was a white rock. However, I dutifully said, “Put it under your pillow tonight, Sweetie.”

After she was asleep, I put a fist-sized rock under her pillow and a note from the tooth fairy not to try that sort of nonsense again. She was pretty bug-eyed in the morning…

I say $10. :smiley:

No, actually, $1 seems to be the going rate. :slight_smile:

My husband thought the Sacajawea dollar was an excellent idea… so since the banks are closed he’s gonna go buy some stamps out of the PO vending machine to get a couple… that way there’s a spare for the next tooth. :smiley: Thanks everyone.

Awww…what a good daddy!!

The trick will be keeping the child asleep while the tooth fairy does the slip-the-$-under-the-pillow trick.

How much is a tooth worth?

Depends where you find it.