So I broke my TV. Fix or replace?

My tv, a 46" Samsung of several years ago, was (inexpertly, as it turns out) wall-mounted by my ex’s dad. It developed an issue with the power switch, so I scheduled a repair. The repair place wasnt covered to dismount the tv, so I pulled it out on the mount to see what would be involved… and then it fell out of the wall.

It’s currently sitting in my floor. Unfortunately, so was my old stereo receiver, which I’d been procrastinating trashing in hopes of selling it. The TV’s screen didn’t crack, but the corner of the receiver put a nice gouge in it. Now I need to know if it’s worh fixing, or if it makes more sense to just trash and replace. Thoughts?

Over the last several years TVs have plummeted in price. My 52" is now selling at about 1/2 of what I paid for it.

Yep, agree with Rick. It’s a great excuse to buy a cool new set with the latest tech, for probably half the price of your old one! :smiley:

I figured this would be the answer. Oh well–time to look into responsible TV disposal.

Goodwill should be able to take it - they have a pretty robust recycling department in most cities.

stores that sell tv sets will have recycling program.

Sounds to me like the damage is purely cosmetic, and that the tv still works.

How big is this gouge that it makes you want to trash the tv? It’s true that prices have gone down, but why would you want to replace somethign that still works?

If dollar$ are not an issue, and it works, donating it to Goodwill is a nice thing to do.

Come on LawMonkey. You are amongst friends here.

We *know *, understand me? we know. You shouldn’t feel ashamed about it.

Sure, let’s say that it “fell”, that it is now “broken” but you don’t have keep up this charade. You deserve a bigger TV. What is 46 inches these days anyway?

Own your rage. Smash the TV, smash it and be free.

Buy a new one. And don’t get a little one this time.

If the screen isn’t broken it can actually be cost effective to replace a TV.

About a year ago I had a small(er) LCD (42") that I kept in a guest bedroom that broke about 6 months prior (when I had it wall mounted in my home office.) At the time I just bought a new (larger one) for cheaper (I bought the 42" fairly early on so it was extremely expensive at the time.) Anyway, I really wanted a TV in my office immediately so I put zero effort into diagnosing what was wrong with the other TV and just bought a new one.

However, when I got around to look into it it seemed the issue was most likely the capacitors on the TV main board (a common failing in my model Samsung TV.) This problem manifested in the TV basically not being able to turn on.

I called a local TV repair shop and they said it’d be around $85 to repair, so I took it in, they ended up charging me $76 after tax and etc. I had bought the TV new for like $1800, and 42" LCDs were far cheaper when I had it repaired (I think they were in the $600 range at the time), but a $76 fix is still a lot cheaper than $600 for a new similar sized TV. Even a new TV with better features is still not as much value for money as getting a working TV for $76.

No idea what the issue is with yours, but what you could always do is buy a new TV and repair the current one. If you’re already interested in buying a new TV the cost of repairing it and getting two TVs might only be $80-100 more.

Second this. A new 46" flat panel is gonna cost at least $400, and likely more Since it’s already scheduled for a repair, let them give you an estimate.