So, I came to grips with something tonight...

A friend of mine had her Sweet 16 party this evening. It was - get this - a skating party. Like, roller skating. Roller skating, here, is a very big Thing, in the elementary schools. Every elementary school, once a month or so, has skate night, which serve as a fund raiser for the PTA. Then, in middle school, the Thing becomes going out on Friday/Saturday nights with your friends, and going skating. You generally stop doing this around freshman year, beacuse the skating rink is full of 6th- and 7th- grade kids.

I was not one of those kids who went sakting on Saturday night with their friends, the primary reason being that I had no friends in seventh grade. Literally. I was a depressed anti-social geek who had one friend in the beginning of the year. Then, she completely dumped me and eventually moved away, leaving me with a total friend count of zero. And seeing how I was twelve and desperate wanting to fit in and, you know, not spend lunch EVERY DAY in my English classroom chatting with my teacher about various books I’d read (and thus exponentially increasing my Geek Quotient), and maybe even have some friends to go skating with on weekends.

But tonight, at the skating rink, revelling in the fact that I did, indeed, have friends, I found myself laughing. About myself in seventh grade. As in, the worst year of my life, in which I had no friends. The year in which the b*tch who lived two houses down tortured me on the bus, every day (That actually ended when I lost my temper, got in a fight on the bus, and nearly knocking her out, but that’s kinda another story). This laughter at myself, coupled with the realization that I was not by any means the only complete outcast in middle school, can only be defined as Uber-Cool.

Anyway, not sure why I’m posting this, just kind of want to blab to someone about it (and of course, the parental units Just Don’t Get It). Yeah.

Excellent. Sounds like you are well on your way to becoming a well-adjusted geek. Now just keep up the good marks, become an engineer, and you’ll be all set.

UBER!!! I LOVE THAT WORD!!! I don’t really know why… but it’s just sounds soo funny. :smiley: just thought I’d share with yah.

Congrats. I myself had a similar epiphone at some point in my life. Had been geek with no friends, and one day I kind of looked around and realised how much I did have as far as friends and love and friendship.

It’s wonderful when you realise that despite whatever anyone else may tell you, you are “cool” enough to be liked.

I just gotta share the little bit of wisdom I happened to step in as I walked through life. This is it ~ you ready?

The pecking order in school all goes out the window when you get out. Those “in crowd” kids who seem to have it all? Sure, some of em will do okay but some will be working at the gas station store at your 15 year reunion and looking back on their school years as the highlight of their life. Those geeks in school will be ruling the world. Take my word for it. Just hang in there the best you can and be true to yourself.

Just to add my two cents. I teach roller skating to people once a week and private lessons every now and then. When I was a kid, skating was HUGE, the rink I work at would have 200+ people there every Friday and Saturday night. Now, things have changed. Last Friday night, we had 4 people. At that is pretty average. Sad really. I have alot of fond memories of skating as a child. By the way, I am on 25, so when I say I was a “kid” I mean 10-15 years ago.

Yea, I had a similar epiphany when I started uni. The fact that I met people who actually liked me and wanted to spend time with me was amazing. Plus the fact that I manged to handle the transition to uni easily, which is something I doubted I’d be able to do was great.

It’s nice to be proud of yourself.