And so, tonight was a relatively crappy night.

Meet Girl A.
Girl A is funny, smart, spontaneous, delightful to be around, able to light up a room with her prescence, short, very beautiful, caring and slightly needy. Girl A is everything I’ve ever wanted. Girl A is my long time friend. Girl A is my ex.

Meet Boy B.
Boy B is funny, nuts, interesting, eccentric, weird, girl magnet, bossy. Boy B is a cool guy most of the time. Boy B is my long time best friend.

Boy B does not treat Girl A like she deserves to be treated. Every week Girl A comes crying to me looking for me to listen and hug, friend shit. Boy B is bossy and is responsible for Girl A losing her once sunny mood. Whatever Boy B says, in her mind, goes. Period.

So, here’s where I fit in…

Girl A and I still have feelings for each other, even though her and Boy B have been dating for 1 year+. One evening while she was very angry at Boy B, her and I went to see a movie and tried not to let out emotions run rampant. We were a few inches away from kissing but we both backed away not wanting to ruin, what at that time was, a 9 month relationship.

So, like I said, Boy B treats Girl A like shit. Complete and utter shit. He does not call her names or hit her, but she has no freedom. She has been scared into thinking that she must do everything he says or lose him. She does all of this because she loves him :rolleyes:. (Funny way for people to show love, but that’s just MHO)

Now, finally, after getting some sense knocked into her, Girl A seperates with Boy B to “see how things go”. Tonight we spent the evening at Boy B’s house and watched movies. Prior to the actual movie watching Girl A was very flirtatous with me and made it very clear what she was feeling. Sssooo, what I can finally partake in what I have wanted for a long time, right? Wrong. Girl A after a short time of liberation goes back to her mentality of, “Must Obey Boy B, he is the greatest thing since cheese slices”. And so, Girl A and Boy B spend the evening sharing a chair and groping each other quite blatantly in front of everyone there.

And so, tonight was a relatively crappy night.

I dunno why I am sharing this with the teeming millions! I just needed to vent because for the past 14 months, everytime I am about to share a relationship with a great person, someone shows up and cuts ahead of me in line.

Sorry you’re having a rotten time with affairs of the heart, Mercutio.

Maybe, you could use the name Romeo for a while – oh, wait, he died at the end, right? Damn. Never mind, just carry on.

Sound like you’re a catch worth catching, man. Someone will realise this some day, I’m sure. Girl A may even come to her senses.