So I finally took the Christmas tree down...

because I want to start dying Easter eggs and felt guilty having the tree still up.

As well you should!. As we drive around our neighborhood, whenever I notice persistant Christmas decorations, I beg my husband to stop, so that I might give them a ticket for tackiness… He never stops. :confused:
Yes, I am the self-appointed tacky police.

Two houses had very brown “Christmas” trees on the curb for trash pick up. (last week, Dallas, TX)

You are not alone, apparently.

Now that I think about it, there are several “cut your own” Christmas tree farms in the local area. You could go to one and get a fresh tree any time of year. (reminds me of the scenarios- 1. where a person is dying and wants to celebrate Christmas one more time or 2. “We won’t celebrate Christmas until XXXX gets home safe from the war”)

And I thought Valentine’s Day was bad! So happy there is someone lazier than me! :smiley:

Perhaps a username change is called for here.

One of the many reasons I do not decorate is that I know I wouldn’t take mine down until well after Easter.

For persistent Christmas decorations, I bestow the Christ Among the Crocuses Award. I nearly had to award one to myself. We just took our tree down today.

I drove past a house last week that not only still has the lights up, but also still has large green wreaths on the walls. Presumably they’re plastic, or they’d be brown.

And how long do you keep your dyed Easter eggs out?

Ha! I finally got around to packing up my (artificial) tree today. It got into the 40s for the first time this year… sorta felt like I was getting overdue for doing it. :smiley:

On the other hand, I haven’t yet gotten around to putting away the tin snowflake door decoration…

Oh, that’s fine, that’s just a winter decoration, not specifically a Christmas one, and it’s still winter.

Many years ago, I was doing set construction for the theater at UC Santa Cruz, and the play we were working on was set at Christmas. We needed a tree, so me and another dude went to a farm and got one. In July. The looks we were getting from people as we drove back, with the tree strapped on top of his minivan, were just awesome.

The tree in question is fake and wasn’t where anyone could see it from outside the house. It was in a room that we don’t use very much so I just didn’t think about taking it down. Out of sight, out of mind and all that.

My collection of snowmen are still out. And they will stay out until all the snow melts outside!

I’ve done pysanky since I was little. Dying eggs can take days if not weeks. I have a few orders that I need to fill before Easter, so I need to get started. I’ve got my dye mixed and my eggs emptied. My mother leaves finished eggs out year round. I usually put mine out in spring and put them away in the fall.

I just took down the Christmas lights and got the tree out to the curb yesterday.

Don’t write me a tacky-ticket just yet… the ground has been covered in snow since the day after I put the lights up/out. The tree I had taken outside the night before garbage day, but I forgot to remove the base after I swept all the needles out of the house. The little bit of water that was left in the base froze quickly and I wasn’t able to remove the tree without breaking the base. I brought it to the side of the house and the snow finally cleared enough for me to get to it this weekend.

Mom & I love you guys. We got most of the Christmas stuff down 2-3 weeks ago but then we couldn’t get it out to the shed till last week for all the snow.

Back in my college years, my room mate and I were passing the theater department and in their trash saw a cactus flat. It was about 5 feet tall and was kind of cartoonish. Anyway we took it back to our dorm room and decorated it for Halloween. Then Thanksgiving, Christmas, a few birthdays, St. Pats, Easter and at the end of the school I won and I took the cactus with me to my first apartment where it went through another year of holidays.

Funny, I can’t remember when I finally got rid of it.

No I don’t still have it but it would be awesome if I did.