So I guess I'm a terrist.

I tried to set up a hosting account with Dreamhost a couple of days ago, and got shut down. Why? Ostensibly, because I’m on some OFAC terrorist list or something, or maybe I’m the Shah of Iran, trying to get some webspace with filthy American dollars.

Except I’m not in Iran, or the Shah of Iran, in fact, I’m not on this damned list in the first place (I checked).

But because of this shite, I have to wait and wonder if my credit card is going to get charged (would be a hoot, if they couldn’t serve me but they could charge my citibank credit card), or if I should just find another hosting service, or what.

Could you Americans kindly get your xenophobia in order. Thank you.

I believe the list in question is the list of “Specially Designated Nationals (SDN)”. Not really much help, but you might pop on and see if you are, indeed, on there.

I’m not on the damned list (I checked).

In fact, there’s a tool to see just how terrorist you are here, and only results that come up for my name are when I crank the name matching tolerance all the way down to 80 or so, whereupon the National Bank of Cuba pops up.

Also, I am not Cuban.

Look at the bright side…at least someone’s paying you attention.

That said, I’m skeptical about that link…isn’t that the sort of thing that puts you on a watch list for merely checking to see if you’re on a watch list? (Paranoia 2014 – it’s the New American Way!!!)

Dreamhost has always been decent to me.

I looked at the text version of the list, not needing a bloody pdf open, and saw:

That’s the OFAC link from the website, so it’s pretty legit.
I’m not Gaddafi either. If we were at least I’d have IT support.

Or, at the least, extended life support.

This is a let down.
I thought you were going to explain what vile things you did to small dogs. Or what uses for small dogs you have when committing vile deeds.

Well, if I did do that then at least I’d belong on the damned list!

When I buy cumin I pay cash due to fear of being put on a list.

Q: You can’t fax a hard copy/ email a scanned copy/ certified mail a notarized copy of your official governtment ID (like a passport) to prove you are not that person?

I thought that proof like that would free up your funds.