So....I have to ask...anyone leaving the country?

I remember when Bush was re-elected there was a rash of ‘I’m thinking about leaving the country!’ type threads. I haven’t seen one yet on Obama, but figured I have some time to kill before my next flight so I’d ask…anyone unhappy enough about not just an Obama presidency but also the fact that the Dems now have the numbers to control both the house and senate considering leaving for other climes?


I’m outta here. I pay almost a third of my income for healthcare for my family, and I’ll be damned before some socialist provides it to them for free. I’ve actually been trying to move for a while now since it became apparent Obama would win, but I can’t find an industrialized nation without free health care. >___<
(joke shameless stolen from The Onion Radio News)

Why do you have a problem with free health care? (Oh, and Obama will allow you to keep yours under his proposed plan, if you so choose.) You would think you’d be pleased you didn’t have to pay 1/3 of your income for health care anymore, but maybe that’s just my practical side. Also, I’m pretty darn sure Obama’s plan is not free health care, but rather an option to buy into the government health care system if you so choose. Not even close to the same thing (and not close to free). It simply makes it so that people who work for employers who DON’T have benefits don’t have to spend half (or a third in your case) of their income to pay for health care.

Oh, and anyone who thinks Obama is a socialist doesn’t know what a socialist is.

This does raise an interesting point - where would you move to? A liberal frustrated with a hated conservative administration has plenty of options, most other industrialized nations are to the left of the United States, generally speaking. But where would a conservative frustrated with a hated liberal government move to?

Perhaps one of the “failed states”, where there is practically no government at all. Of course, you’d probably be too busy trying to keep people from killing you and taking your stuff to enjoy your new found liberty from government oppression!

I think I feel a breeze…

The rush of air you feel (besides the whooshing noise) is from my co-workers who are busy buying up every weapon they think is about to be banned…as well as the ammo to go along with them.

No joke…they are on-line right now making purchases involving thousands of dollars and discussing where they can hide their guns when the government bans them all…


A breeze? More like it’s blowing up a gale. But how can it be a whoosh if it was LABLED a joke in the post?

Good on them for boosting the economy!

But doesn’t buying online result in an electronic paper trail the government can subpoena so it can send out its jackbooted thugs to beat the hiding places out of your cow-orkers or their families? Hell’s bells, before computers it took the gummint TWELVE HOURS to trace the rifle from the mail order dealer to one of Oswald’s aliases.

Pfft…they had all that stuff lined up well before 11/22/63. :smiley:

It explains a lot, doesn’t it? :smiley:

And the irony is these are all computer technical people here…they should KNOW that ordering online leaves such a trail. I think they have some idea they will be burying the guns in the backyard or something. Frankly I think this is a completely irrational response regardless of how you slice it…but there is no talking to any of them today.

I’m just glad I’ll be flying out before 2pm and won’t have to deal with any of them for a couple of weeks. Just in case one of them goes off the deep end and comes in wearing a Donald Duck mask, wielding a Mossburg and running amok through the office going <chuck-chuck> “QUACK!” boooooom! <chuck-chuck>…

(translation there is shotgun loading sequence followed by demented coworker shouting ‘quack!’ followed by the pulling of the trigger, followed by the reloading of the next round…just in case anyone wasn’t able to follow along)


I’m leaving. I’m going to visit my daughter in Germany in the Spring. :slight_smile:

She went to an all night (in Germany) election party. I’m eager to hear how it turned out, once she finishes classes for the day and gets some sleep.

Palin is leaving the country. She’s headed back to Alaska.

I also hear she’s firing up the ole secession party so she can be president pf something.

Maybe just a rumor :slight_smile:

All those sales have to go through a FFL dealer to be delivered.

Yep, leaving the country did actually enter my mind. But I’ll wait to see how fucked up it really gets. I know what communism and socialism are. Barack is a socialist.

As per the earlier posters question, where would you go?

The election is over. You can cut out the crap now. Obama is no more a socialist than McCain, and probably less of one than Palin.

Actually you have no idea what communism and socialism are if you think Obama is anything like either one. And the question remains - where would someone on the right go? I suppose there are still a few fascist states where they would feel comfortable

I couldn’t afford to leave, but imagining I’d won $10 million in the lotto? No, I wouldn’t leave. It’s just now getting interesting.

It would take Bush suddenly “passing” a constitutional amendment or exception or something making him president until further notice, to make me catch the next flight to Europe.