So I just got 30 stitches in my face.

I look like Frankenstein. I have a 2 and a half inch gash going down my forehead with 15 stitches, one gash in my eyelid, and stitches around the tip of my nose.

I was just sitting down, doing some English homework. I got up, felt dizzy, and the next thing I knew I was on the floor and my face felt strange and my hands were wet. I’d managed to (I have such skills) fall face-first into my dresser.

My parents got me to the ER and I got sewn up, and they tell me I’ll be as good as new, just with a couple extra scars. Woohoo.

So I’m puffy and look like I’ve been beat with a Big Ugly Stick. Sigh…

Wow, honey. You poor thing. Are you okay, healthwise? (I mean across from the stitches of course.) Maybe a bit of a bug or something causing the dizziness?

You hop right on over to my comfort thread in MPSIMS. We’ll take care of you there. CJ is there, and a bunch of other people in need of pampering.

Take it easy for the next couple of days, if you can.

I hope you feel better soon, Lorna. Any idea why you blacked out?

Make sure you see your usual doctor ASAP, HerMajestyLorna. No one passes out without a reason. Take care.

Sweet! Hope you feel better soon. I think the proper explination for the scar (if there is one) will be the 6’ shark that attacked you, not passing out at your desk. :wink:

Yikes! Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery. And don’t worry about the scars. Scars are cool. (Tina Fey has a big scar on her face, and she’s still dead sexy.)

good heavens!!!

i hope you feel better soon.

One of my roommates passed out for no apparent reason - three times in five minutes. When she got to the doctor, he said that she was dehydrated, and to start pushing the fluids. She had been drinking plenty of fluids, but mostly COFFEE, which apparently doesn’t do much in the way of keeping you hydrated. A couple of days of water and gatorade, and she was fine.

So watch the coffee intake whilie you’re studying.


And they say studying is good for you.

Hope you get well soon, and don’t worry, scars can be dead sexy. I just got a new one myself…

Ooooh, Lorna! I hope you a) find out why you passed out. b) heal quickly c) come up with a funny story to tell everyone in the future about your scar. Of which, I cannot think of one funny thing to make out of this …( Trying to use puns…" I was trying for a one night stand, but decided on the fancy dresser. " [rimshot] ")
[hijack] I love this story.

I had a friend who when she was about 8 or 9 passed out with out any medical explanation. ( It happened alot and the doctors were stumped.)

Anywhooo, one day, whilst camping (RV’ing, not tenting) her mother was *cooking bacon * over a camp fire. My friend passed out face first * into the bacon ( her mom was holding the pan and looking for something , you know, * over there. Looked back, and there is her daughter, face down in the sizzling hot grease.

Mom scooped her out, threw her on the ground, poured the ice cooler on her face and dad ripped down all the clothes lines and what not attached to camper and raced in the camper to the nearest hospital. She wore facial bandages for the rest of the summer. Her mother was never burned.

Her lips were the longest to heal, but to this day (she is nearly 40) you cannot tell she was every severely burned except when she gets really hot, her laugh lines by her mouth get red. [That’s it. * ]. And, her lips hold lipstick *all day long * without reapplication no matter what brand she gets. I guess that is the small karma payback from the Powers That Be for going through so much.

I don’t think she ever had another passing out attack after that.


OUCH! Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Lorna. Do have a checkup at your first opportunity.

By Shirley Ujest: " I was trying for a one night stand, but decided on the fancy dresser. " [rimshot] ")

Now that’s the way to salvage something out of a bad situation! Good job.

The most important thing is that you come up with a cool story to tell people about what actually happened to you.

Well, okay, that’s second most important to your feeling better soon. Best wishes.

**John Carter ** Thanks!
Hows the face today?

He’s right, but you don’t want to lie, or say something that could be disproven. You want to come up with a suitably mysterious non-answer for when people ask about it.

Tina Fey answers questions about her scar by saying that it was a childhood injury that her parents don’t like for her to talk about. (Or so I read.)

You might say something along the lines of “The English department at (your school) is tougher than you might think.”

30 stitches in your face ? Phhhbbbtt ! A mere scratch :wink:

Like the others in this thread, I hope the pain is not too great, and I also hope you spend some time thinking of a cool explanation.

Here’s some I’ve used in the past (for my 150+ stitch facial scar)

-croc attack
-shark bite
-train smash
-passed out one night and woke up this way
-brother bit me when I was a baby
-dog bite
-really bad acne
-or when someone asks what happened, you pretend you’ve never noticed the scar. Depending on the person, this can be hilarious, especially with a scar the size of mine :slight_smile:

You could use my brother’s eyebrow scar excuse. He was at a concert and did a stage-dive and nobody caught him. The crowd just parted and he dove head-first into the concrete :smiley: (this one’s true)

Good luck, Lorna and hopefully you’ll heal very well.

I’ve got a scar on the front of my shoulder, about 3" long, from surgery I had back in High School. You can use the explanation I tell people when they ask about it:

“I cut myself shaving.”

[sub]one of the sexiest ladies I ever worked with had a scar going from the corner of her mouth clear to her ear as a result of riding an ATV through a strand of barbed wire… apparently she had scars like that all over her body… anyway…[/sub]
Hope you feel better soon. And no laughing!

Wow! I hope whatever caused you to pass out gets corrected, Lorna, and that your scars heal well. Hope you feel better soon, lady. Take good care of yourself.

Yeow. Glad you’re okay.

Facial injuries tend to bleed more but they also, in the long run, tend to heal better. I had some very similar to what you described when hit by a piece of pipe about 20 years ago.

They were red for awhile but eventually faded and now it’s very difficult to see at all. They basically are only visible when I sunburn because scar tissue won’t tan. A dermatologist can sand down the scar for you later if it’s at all uneven.

Heck, people have offered to buy mine from me before. As mentioned, it’s a great excuse for a good story.