So...I just quit my job for things unknown

I was fired from my job January 2009 due to budge cuts. My position was completely eliminated. I stayed home with my kids until September 2009 where I took a job I really wasn’t that excited about making substantially less money.

I’ve been here trying to make the best of it for a while. There are some good things. Overall I like the people I work with. I have flexible hours…7AM–3PM. I’m basically left alone and I could do this job in my sleep. It isn’t challenging and I find myself not wanting to get up in the mornings and come in to it. I have called in for a Mental Health Day 2 times in the month of Feburary and that isn’t like me at all. I’m normally a workaholic.

Last week my former boss called to tell me he is starting his own company and he wants me to basically be his partner and help him get it up and running. For the time being it would be me and him no other employees. We both will have to learn things we haven’t had to do in the past like ordering supplies and answering phones and generally everything it will take to run this business.

He is motivated and has a good plan for moving forward. I’ve talked to a few trusted mentors and they have told me, “If it wasn’t XXXX doing it I would tell you to be leery but I think you and him will be fine…”

My salary will go down about 2%. I can work 8AM–3PM and work at home one day a week during the summer months to give me some time with my kids.

Assuming the business goes according to plan we will revisit my salary at year end and possibly come up with some other incentives as well. I realize all this is dependent on a whole lot of stuff falling into place.

I thought it over for a couple days. Made a list of pros and cons for each company.

Then I quit my job and told my old boss I’m in.

Nervous and excited are the two major things I have going on right now.

Wow - how exciting!

I’m jelous that you’re in a life position where you’re secure enough to take such a risk, but it’s a risk that sounds like it has a very good chance of making you happier!

Good luck!

How very exciting! And good for you to take the big plunge! Hope everything works out well!

…Pam? :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Great news! If you don’t want to go in to work it wasn’t the right job for you.

Good Luck! Takes a brave soul to take the plunge, so I wish you the best!

Good luck! What field will you be making a zillion dollars in?

A 2% cut is pretty reasonable in this economy. Best of luck* in realizing it. You’re living the dream, man!

*And I mean that, with all my heart and none of my sarcasm.


My biggest generic concerns about signing with a start-up business would be benefits and cash flow. A lot of small businesses and/or entrepreneurs don’t offer health care for their employees. And many don’t have sufficient seed money to pay their employees on time through the start-up time, which can vary from a few months to a few years.

But I think you’re married (?) so your husband probably gets health care, and you didn’t mention finanical stress when you were unemployed for a few months, so all that’s left to say is good luck!

Excellent! Wonderful that you had the opportunity and could take it.

Congratulations! Five years ago, my husband was one of 6 friends who invested $2500 in a little software startup. Four years ago, he was the 7th full-time employee they hired. Today, they have over 50 employees and the company is worth about $20 million. Not bad for a $2500 investment in this economy!