So I lasted an hour last night...

Going from not being able to perform to doing it for an hour is pretty good, no? No one has to respond to this, I just really felt like bragging. Woo, did I fall asleep quick after that, I tell ya.

Which arm got tired first, the one holding up the picture or the one doing the stroking? :smiley:

Heh heh…an hour. Ya lucky bastard.

She didn’t say.
This riposte courtesy of Carnivorous Plant.


Giggidy giggidy giggidy!!


I do not have sex very often ,almost never :frowning: ,once I lasted 2-5 seconds, what a humiliation and 50 bucks down the drain.

Dude, too much information.

We learn more about nonpolar’s penis everyday.

Alright, the excitement has faded because I am suddenly very worried that she might be pregnant. I didn’t come in her and we had a condom on 99% of the time, but I did stick it in once without the condom. I asked a question a couple days ago on how pre-ejaculate works and she’s probably not pregnant. My worries are unfounded, but I worry anyway. Can someone please lay my worries to rest so that I enjoy and boast about my hour long performance?

Sorry bud, while the odds are low(er), pre-ejaculate still contains sperm. Best to check out the morning after pill if you’re truly worried…if it’s not too late.

So this isn’t about Open Mic Amateur Night at the Comedy Club?

Speaking of comedy clubs…

An hour? What were trying to do, light a fire?

Maybe that’s why he calls himself Non “Pole” ar!

It’s posts like this that are really going to give your campaign to become a moderator some traction.

I’m learning a whole lot about something called “FAM” (Fertility Awareness Method, NOT rhythm method). Your chances of getting her pregnant over a single drop (probably not even unless you spent several minutes at it) are super-duper-freakishly low. If you did get her pregnant with a single non-protected thrust, congradulate yourself. I’m sure a lot of men trying to have kids would love your super sperm (or maybe just the women :D). Even if she was ovulating and everything was 100%, your single drop probably didn’t even survive the first 3 seconds :smiley:

I’d be more worried over STDs than pregnancy.

Oh, BTW, not finishing in 1-5 minutes is good but an hour is way too long. It’s actually BAD to take that long to finish (Alessan is right, you’re going to light her on fire). Try not to masturbate so much before having sex again and you should finish in a normal 15-20 minutes. My GF gives up on me if I take more than 30 minutes. It’s not the quanity, it’s the quality.

She didn’t sound like she was having a bad time badmana.

Its just that an hour sounds crazy and silly and boring.

Are you just laying there with it inside of her? Are you having a chat?

How do you maintain thrusting motion for an hour straight without tiring?

You can change positions 4 or 5 times, but geez, why not just get it over with in 10 minutes and save one of those positions for next time.

It’s not like you’re gradually bringing each other to orgasm for 60 straight minutes.

Paranoid and pessimistic female butting in here! Yes, the pregnancy risk might be low, but, unless pregnancy would be welcomed in this case, I hope the OP’s parner makes tracks to get the socalled “morning-after” pill. Wrongly named, as effective if taken <=72 hours after the ahem event . Plus potential STD risk of course but def. get emergency pill, in my bossy opinion.

How “experienced” is she? An hour is quite a lot of time. I hope you used some serious lube because she’s not going to be peeing ok for a while :smiley:

The thing is, 15-20 minutes (a little above the average I believe) is plenty of time for 8-10 orgasms for the women. 60 minutes just sounds too much unless you’re having sex for 10 minutes and spending 5 minutes doing something else etc.

If she doesn’t mind using the “morning after” pill, she can take it. But like I said, the chance of her being pregnant is really low.

Congrats, teemingONE.

Was it an hour including foreplay or was it an hour of nonstop boinking?