So, I made my husband cry this morning....

How do I feel about that? Pretty pleased, actually. :smiley:

See, 15 years ago next week, my mom called me up and asked me to come by her office when I got off work. There was someone she wanted me to meet. So I did. And there he was. I thought to myself "Now, that’s what a MAN looks like. :cool: " We had our first date that weekend.

He came to my house, cooked me dinner (steak!). We decided to go to the movies. All the winter block-buster movies were out of the the theaters, so we ended up seeing…Groundhog Day. Which neither of us completely loved or hated, but it was just so damned corny, and they played “I Got You, Babe” so many times over the course of the movie, that we joked that it would be “our song,” and it has been. For 15 years.

This morning, he woke up to find a Valentine’s card propped up on his coffee cup that said something corny like “You’ve got the honey, I’ve got the bees; I’ve got the mac and you’ve got the cheese; You’ve got the hand and I’ve got the glove”, and inside, “Honey, we’ve got the love.” And when you open it, it plays…
“I’ve Got You, Babe.” :smiley:

He said it was the sweetest card he’d ever seen.

Awww. :slight_smile:

That is so cute and very sweet! Perfect way to start your day :slight_smile:

My son made ME cry this morning. Last night, I did everyone’s valentine - even the dog’s. I slipped his (my son’s) under his door right before I went to bed. This morning, he read it, and as I walked past his door while he was getting ready for school, I noticed him shoving it in a drawer with a whole bunch of other papers - I must have looked at him oddly or something, because he said, “What? I save EVERY card and note you give me.” He had almost 17 years worth of papers, notes, cards and stuff that I’ve given him. He said he sometimes like to read them because they make him happy. He followed that up with, “Plus I’ll have them to remember you by when I put you in a home.” Smart ass kid. But he SAVED all of them. From his Mommy. You have no idea how damn happy that makes me. :smiley:


I’m surprised that anyone got a great hookup from their mom.

Very sweet, Missy! He sounds like he’ll grow up to be the husband in the OP!

My daughter did the opposite for me (she was 8 at the time). SHe filled a tin with notes to me that I could pull out and read if I got sad. They had sweet little thoughts on them. That made me cry.

Nice story Trouble- he sounds like a sweetie!

I misread the OP the first time around and thought your husband was crying because you went on a date with some other guy who cooked you steak, etc.

Awwww. You got a good kid there. :cool:

I know, right!? He was the electrician she wa working with to remodel the bank she worked in. She thought he was not only nice-looking, but that he had a great personality. She introduced us, but told us she took no credit if it worked out, and no blame if it didn’t! :stuck_out_tongue:
RNATB-- :eek: :smiley:

I sent this to my husband as a valentine’s day card today - (Third picture down - I can’t seem to direct link it from work). Awwww!

I know, I was totally like “definitely not pissing her off”…

Third picture down is… a baboon’s arse. I’m assuming it’s been updated after you wrote your post.

If it hasn’t… you’re really cool. :smiley:

Yup, that’s the one. My husband probably laughed out loud when he opened the email. We’re so right for each other. :smiley:

And you, Missy, are one cool babe yourself! Thanks for sharing, made my day!

Awww, thanks, Jake!
featherlou, that’s hilarious!

There we go - that’s better!

TroubleAgain, aww, that’s a cute story. I think it’s awesome that he was that appreciative of the gesture.

So far I’m resisting the urge to send that babboon pic to my boyfriend. :smiley:

I’m not.

Sent. :slight_smile:

Good find, featherlou.