So.... I might be running away from home to join the roller derby.

Well, not running away from home. But the boyfriend’s TV show has been involved a lot with our local Richland County Regulators (color commentary, they were on the show, etc.) and I went to a match last week and it was awesome. I wasn’t the only one who thought so - every girl associated with the show wants to join up now, and we’re all going to a practice on Sunday (hopefully I’ll feel better then - I’ve had a nasty cold.)

So… is this dumb for me? I’m a fragile person. I’m not built for utility. I haven’t worn roller skates since before puberty and I was no great shakes on them then, to say the least! One of the other girls was reminiscing with me and she skated on the carpet for years too, but she’s also a dancer, so… (I am not a dancer.) They say they can teach anybody to skate, but I’m kind of nervous about getting hurt and spending all the time on it - my boyfriend thinks it’s absolutely a terrible no good very bad idea and that I’m going to break my neck.

Anybody relearn to skate as a clumsy weak adult? I can’t imagine what I’d be good at on the team - I’m not fast, and I’m not good at hitting people without apologizing for it.

This line alone says this is a very bad idea for you.

Well, fragile might be the wrong word - I’m fine-boned and not accustomed to people hitting me.

Recent thread about roller derby.

Go try out. Have fun. See what happens.

Remember: risking your life is fun! I do it every day!

It will probably hurt my feelings. “Why… why would you do that? Why did you knock me down? Don’t you like me anymore?”

If it looks like fun, you should definitely give it a try!

If you read the thread that twickster linked to, you’ll see that part of the training involves learning how NOT to get hurt.

You seem to be focusing a lot on the negatives. So, are you looking for us to talk you out of this?

If not, then maybe you’d do better by listing why this idea intrigues you.

Because it’s awesome, duh. :slight_smile: The sport is really interesting and exciting, in a “man, I want to do that!” kind of way. And it reminded me of college when I had a bunch of girlfriends (well, had to - I went to a women’s college) and we were such a great team, you know? And of course it would get me into great shape.

I’m just worried about getting hurt, and that I might be, you know, too old for this sort of thing. I’ll be 30 in February. And of course it’s a huge time investment, and I have a long history of getting all involved and excited in something and then dropping out.

I’m really excited about going, by the way - I’m just a natural worrier and I had my leg in a cast for a few weeks this summer and don’t care to repeat the experience.

Then go kick some ass and don’t receive any ass whoopings.

GO! Go there, put on skates, hang with other like minded females and have fun. It is not like you’ll be rushing around the ring and hip checking other girls over the railing on the first practice.

I say GO! But please keep us in the loop. I love watching our local Roller Girls. The fans are the best.

My friend’s daughter competes on the Mission City Brawlin’ Betties, and hasn’t been seriously hurt so far. From all accounts I’ve heard, they’re having a grand old time and she hasn’t been seriously hurt just yet. It’s certainly fantastic exercise.

Ohhh, the boyfriend is pissed. He thinks it’s unsafe and that I’m going to get seriously hurt and that it’s my fault for talking the other girls into it and that I’m doing it because I have something to prove and etc., etc., etc. The guy has two motorcycles, but “that’s different” and “you’re going to like it because they’re going to be all nice to you and then you’re going to get hurt” and “you’re going to think it’s safe until you break a bone” and all that. It’s hard to argue with him, as he’s been working with these girls for a while now with the show and seen one bad broken bone at least, but damn - if I don’t think it’s safe enough, I won’t do it! I think he’s gone totally irrational about it - he doesn’t think that I’m the kind of person who can handle getting hurt, and now he thinks I’m doing it because he got all mad about it… which isn’t exactly entirely false, since I just spent an hour defending my grown-ass adult decisions to him.

In other words, I am so going on Sunday.

Do it!!

They will teach you how to fall properly and you have padding and a mouth guard plus a helmet. And he know all of this.

If you don’t think you could be a blocker you get more gracefull with practice and you could be a jammer or a pivot.

I have my skates but the only thing that is holding me back is I have a synthetic disk at L4-L5 that I worry about hurting and this silly auto immune disease that weakens my muscles. But I want to do this before I get too weak.

I link a site to the Quad City Rollers later if you like.

The natural progression should be [gets knocked down]“Why… why would you do that? Why did you knock me down? Don’t you like me anymore?” [gets back up]“Ohhhh that’s it bitch you gonna die!” Then it should be all elbows and assholes from there on out. Have fun!

Himself spent a good hour yelling at me about it - he offered to sell his motorcycles if I would agree not to go. WTF?

I have a friend who does this. The local team involves tryouts - she had to get into SHAPE before she was even ready to try out - I’m talking being able to run three miles type of shape. She is around 40 and in the best shape of her life. Only about 30% of the women who try out make the team.

And within two weeks of joining the team was in a cast. Most of the girls walk around with constant bruises and look like they are victims of domestic violence.

It hasn’t deterred her…she loves it. But your chances of getting hurt are pretty high. At least in the bruises and broken bones sort of hurt. And it is something you’ll want to be in shape to do.

(Roller Derby girls are amazing - they don’t tend to be the ‘young thin over aerobicized’ type - these are usually women with some heft - who I have no doubt are in awesome shape).

Zsofia, sorry I didn’t mean to be negative. You said you were fragile and from the two times that I went I figured someone who is fragile would most likely end up hurt. There is a lot of pushing, shoving and falling from what I saw.

I’m not above a little risk myself since I also own two motorcycles and hit other people with sticks for fun while they try to hit me. If you want to try it have fun and good luck. :slight_smile: