So I ordered the very first (new item) from Denny's: The Bacon Sundae.

Denny’s has a new item out, started just today.
I kid you not, it’s a Bacon Sundae. Vanilla ice cream covered in bits of bacon and actual maple syrup.
Let me see if I can find a photo of it on the net.

Here you go. You can click the photo for a larger size.

I ordered it and the waitress said it just started today and that I actually had the first one ordered in the state (at 6:45 AM; no idea how they knew that statistic, I guess they keep track of how many sell in a computer?).

I was with my mom, who pointed it out and said how “disgusting” it looked. This prompted me to want to try it just to say I’ve tried it.
It wasn’t half bad, actually. It wasn’t amazing or delicious…but it wasn’t bad.

I would have cleared it in a second just because I knew I was being watched… TRY IT! TRY IT!! TRY IT!!! or stood up and yelled “This is a DISGRACE, how could you people even put this is on a menu, i’m out of here mom”

You know a meme is played out when it appears on a Denny’s menu.

What meme? Bacon?

I was thinking the same thing, typoink. Bacon in desserts/sweet things: from interesting to mommy bloggers to Denny’s in a few short years.

To the faithful, bacon and salty french fries have always been the perfect condiment to anything sweet, especially maple syrup. It is only the hipsters of the world that would raise it up to near perfection and then later pass it off as passé. Fads will come and go, but all true believers know that Bacon and fries are King.

I once saw a little ice cream stand that had a sign that said:


And I thought: the sheer genius of it. Awesome.

Turns out it was both a pulled pork sandwich shop and they also did ice cream. They did not offer pulled pork ice cream. But that didn’t stop us. Putting pulled pork in a sandae didn’t reall work well, it got cold too quickly and just sort of didn’t mix well. But putting ice cream in a pulled pork sandwich worked surprisingly well. Strange, but not bad.

The entire concept is only good as an emetic.

Everyone knows that bacon goes best with *chocolate *ice cream.

A place near me used to put their ice cream flavor-of-the-day on a sign out front along with their food special of the day. The first time I drove past, it said “Butter Brickle Walleye.” I was alarmed.

That must be a Culver’s. I swear I was just going to post about the “MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP WALLEYE SANDWICH” when I saw yours!

Amen. Hopefully when they leave it alone the prices can come back to a normal range.

And so Rome falls.

A cupcake shop near us makes a maple and bacon cupcake, not bad, not great.

There was a little store right off the state highway in Natchitoches, Louisiana back in the mid-80s with a sign:

Meat Pies
Live Worms

That sign was there for years. Hell, it’s *still *there as far as I know. I just love the progression of items. :slight_smile:

(Natchitoches is famous for its meat pies, BTW)

This sounds about as tasty as fried chicken and waffles at IHOP.