So i really like this Iggy Pop song.

Well the other day i heard this Iggy Pop song “the passenger” and it is great, and I have heard some songs like this from time to time like Mano Negra’s Out of Time Man, but how can i find more songs like this with that sort of late 60’s (I guess) twang and feel. It sounds very reverbish, and it sounds good to me. Got any suggestions for other music? It sounds like something that could be in a soundtrack to a roadtrip movie. I like songs like that. Can someone give me a few more suggestions of other songs I may like?

Nothing springs immediately to mind, but it might help you on your quest to know that “The Passenger” is a late 1970s, not 1960s, song. And it is great, isn’t it?

Try Lou Reed/Velvets songs like “Vicious”, “Heroin” and “I’m Waiting for The Man”.

thanks will do

“All of it was made for you and me…”

Great song. Souxsie does a respectable cover of it, but nothing rocks like the original. Sadly I recently heard it in either a car or computer commercial.

I would recommend ‘Good Guys Don’t Wear White’ by The Standells.

If you like that:

The Castaways - ‘Liar, Liar’
The Sonics - ‘Strychnine’ & ‘Have Love Will Travel’
13th Floor Elevators - ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’

You should like the Stooges, Iggy’s band 1969-73.
Of course theres the Velvet Underground.
And The Sonics have a really raw sound.

But really theres simply too much mid-to-late-60’s stuff to recommend, buy some compliations and go from there…