So I rigged up a video camera in my room...

It looks out my door’s spyhole. See, someone keeps erasing my white board. This has been going on for about a week and a half and I was actually amused for awhile. I left them amusing notes, mocking them:

to the tune of “I’m a Toys-R-Us kid”
“I don’t wanna grow up,
I’m completely brain-dead.
Won’t ever get maturity
Through my thick head.”

That’s the best one. I’ve mocked their erasing technique, the fact that they do it at all hours, and stuff.

Hopefully, I’ll catch the person in the act. I don’t really want to get them in trouble, but that mostly depends on who it turns out to be. :wink:

Results to be posted as they occur…

Ah, when evil people have access to technology… Mbwahaha.

Nail 'em, Palmyra. <toasts with a tin of Altoids>

Brilliant. Now, how to use the information you gather to its fullest malevolent extent (preferably setting yourself up at the same time to deliver the denouement on the heels of a snappy one-liner)…?


I wanted a “Palmyra Webcam”! I can see it now:!

Try writing “ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!” on it! :wink:

That could be… exciting! Good luck!


What an evil thread title. :slight_smile:

I should have known, though. At the time of this posting, the thread had three replies and 150 views. You can almost the collective sigh of disappointment across the SDMB…

Well, I thought you were tired of playing comic relief. :slight_smile:

Go get 'em Palmyra. If you want to add a motion detector and a playback circuit for snide remarks, let me know–I think I’ve got one in my lab.

[sub]Damn. I was hoping for a webcam, too. ;)[/sub]

::evil laughter::

I’d actually forgotten about this thread. Here’s the story:

Not only did I catch the person who was erasing my board, but it’s really sad who it was: the ground floor RA, Geoff. He’s a real dickless wonder, and an asshole. We say he’s in the closet but he doesn’t know it. Anyway, I told the hall director about it and who it was, so she talked to him. She left me a voicemail that said he had tolde her that he was just erasing “offensive language.”

Hmmm… really…

So, I went back to her. She says he was kinds within his authority, but that proper procedure says he should have asked me to erase the offensive language, and if I refused, THEN he could have erased it. Only one problem. There was no offensive language on my board. The first two messeges included “fckr,” complete with astericks. After that, the messeges with silly, slightly mocking, jibes. Offensive ONLY to the person who was erasing them. In fact, my neighbors told me they found the messeges amusing and looked forward to reading them every day.

So, once the hall director heard this, she said she’d have another little talk with Geoff. I assume she told him I had proof, dunno if she actually mentioned “video tape” or not. :slight_smile:

Chalk another up to those hoping for . . . well, you know;)

And hell, she even told me about it a while ago. That’s how sneaky she is!


Anything new to report?