So, I spent the day with an axe-murderer...

I did. Really.

There’s no need to go into details, save that I spent the day being taught a course by a man who murdered his wife.
I’m not making this up. I’d give a cite if a) I could find one and b) I knew how.
It was a little weird. He’s a good instructor, but I felt a little unsettled when he would make comments like “Of course, this was back when I used to drink…” and I just knew half the people in the room were thinking “and you hacked your wife to death in a drunken rage?”

Anyhow. If this doesn’t fit the description of “mundane pointless stuff I must share” I don’t know what does.

What course were you in? What was he teaching?

And why isn’t he in jail?

a) “Recent Developments in Oil & Gas Law”
b) He has already been in jail. Paid his debt to society and all that. 10 years, I believe.

In fact, he was in the news around here a year or so ago. He either wanted to be re-admitted to the bar, or to one of the other professional associations. Can’t remember exactly right now.

Hey - I’m in the same city you are - WHERE THE HELL IS THIS GUY NOW?!?!?

No - really. Was it a criminology course or something at Mount Royal?

nope. In house course.
It would appear that all is forgiven…
That was part of the weirdness.

Why do they always specify the axe? Nobody hears about gun murderers or knife murderers, but poisoners and axe murderers are always pigeonholed. It seems unfair.

The legacy of Lizzie Borden?

Ahhh, there was always the Wimbledon Poisoner :wink:

It’s weird. I’m a prison guard so it always surprises me when people are shocked to meet a person who committed some violent crime. I’ve met thousands of people who committed stuff you don’t even want to imagine and to me it’s become just another day at the office. You see him as a wife-killing axe murderer, I see him as the guy that mops the floor.

Man - I think I almost rented this guy’s old apartment about 13 years ago.