So, [i]these[/i] people are complete TOOLS ... ...

Just a little experiment.
Say I mention someone in this thread; someone who, say, admits to doing vanity searches
(auntie em)
or someone who lives in my town
or my arch-nemesis
:cough cough:

What are the chances that they will find this thread before they do a vanity search, and are horrified to find that they’ve been mentioned in a negative thread?

Humor me?
Add a possible practical joke victim of your own?

Hee hee… No vanity search for me. I just read every thread all day. (well, practically.)

I would also like to add Zebra, just to see what he says. :smiley:

I would add Scylla but I’m afraid of his retribution.

No vanity search for me, either. My little spy, sKerri, alerted me via AIM. However, had she not done so, I’m positive I would have fallen prey to your prank and been absolutely mortified at being included on a list of tools.

Obviously, I’m gonna include Scott Evil, my not-so-secret crush and the vanity smurf of this message board. :smiley:

Well, Homebrew beat me to Scylla, my number-one choice, but you’ve gotta include Fenris. You just gotta. You know he’s going to find this thread through a vanity search.

Also, in the spirit of pbrtallboy’s post, I’m going to include celestina, because she’s my newest Dopercrush, even though I’d be surprised if she did vanity searches. ;):smiley: