So I wake up and there's toilet paper in all the trees

Not in my trees, but in my neighbors trees. So I amble over there and help her pick up the ground clutter: forks, knives, sporks, marshmallows, carrots (don’t ask me). We then try to get some of the tp from the trees, but some of it is just too high. We theorize that a human arm did not do this. It’s simply too high to imagine someone lobbing it up there. I am thinking someone with one of those water balloon slingshots did it.
Anyway, I need suggestions on how to get that stuff down. The trees are dense with small leafy branches. A ladder really isn’t feasible.
In the history of high school pranks, you’d think someone would have come up with a tool for this specific situation.

I’m a few years away from that, HeartOfGold - my boys are 6 & 8. I know it’s coming soon, though.

So, I’ll suggest this: either take a tall metal object (ladder or long mop) and push the debris off, or climb up the tree to pull it off. If you were in my neck of the woods, I’d send my firefighter hubby over. :wink:

When I was around 12, I slept over at friend’s houses and we TP’d yards at 3am. It was a different world then, 20+ years ago. I’m bolting my kiddo’s windows shut!

It’s not the perfect answer, and it’s not a quick fix, but a garden hose will begin the removal process. Toilet paper is designed to disintegrate when wet, but sometimes it clumps…

Anyhow, just my two bits.

How dry is your climate and the tree? I used a lighter to get rid of the offending material in an oak tree once. In Louisiana where the humidity never really goes down below 75% burning the tissue out of the tree works quite well. I wouldn’t recommend doing it in a pine or conifer tree as the needles tend to be more flamable but with large leaf varieties the TP burns at such a low temp the leaves and branches are pretty much untouched. The flames won’t get hot enough to ignite anything but the TP.

Blonde, I am actually in your neck of the woods. The offending paper is too high to be reached by mops and the like.

But, I am hoping it will rain tomorrow and solve the problem Enki’s way.

Although it does seem like an effective plan, I just don’t feel good about applying fire to my neighbor’s trees.

I was thinking of suggesting that remedy - hell, it’s better to have tiny bits of TP in your trees as opposed to entire rolls.

In the end, you have to laugh: toilet-papering a house may just be the last innocent things our kiddos will do that we (those if us pushing 40) remember. Rites of passage, and great fun. I can still recall throwing that roll up and watching it cascade down to the earth.

AHhhh, the joys of TPing.

Its a big thing here where I live, around homecoming time the highschool kids TP all over town. Some people get bent out of shape about it, I wouldn’t. I’d rather be TPed than have kids out drinking to have a good time.
My son told me this year that if the high school kids would have saved all the toilet paper they used and donated it to the homeless shelter, no one at his school would have had to bring any TP for the food/basic items drive they do later this month. He is always thinking about how to help others.