So, I want to play hooky from work

Next Saturday, we will have inventory. This is a pointless endeavor that will take 20 people some 15 hours to complete. If the spineless, ball-less idiots who ran this place had let me organize our 125,000 sq ft warehouse two years ago, this wouldn’t be the annual nightmare it has become.

This year will be different, though. Why? I ain’t gonna be there. I’m thinking I’ll go the old “I was throwing up at 3am” bit. Heck, they can’t prove anything. I am in the process of looking for a new job and I do have a weak, but usuable back-up plan in the event I snap and quit before I find a new job.

I am unlikely to be fired. Of course, I’ll get the shit treatment for a while, but I don’t really care. My wife supports me 100% on this.

Technically, all I’m doing is missing a day’s work. If they want to dock my pay, I’m fine with that. There are other employees (who have been here longer) who miss meetings and so forth and aren’t disciplined, therefore I have plenty of legs to stand on.

I recently asked if an employee can sue when an employer doesn’t “play fair” with all its employees. The basic answer was: tough shit. I even looked up the law concerning this. The law basically says the same thing, but in a legal sense. In Georgia, employers can fire employees without reason, but CAN open themselves up to nuisance lawsuits if it can be proven that unfair punishment is given out. While such suits are not likely to go to court, it would send a message to the employer.

Our company does not have any written guidelines for employee behavior. The CEO thinks it’s a bad idea. Of course, he’s 87 and still does business the way they did in the 50’s.

So anyway, opinions? Suggestions? Similar stories?

Welcome to the wonderful world of ‘at-will employment’.

Do you have any vacation or personal time accrued? Why not try asking for it (or better still, asserting that you plan to take it, if that’s’ feasible)? Tell them you have personal things to take care of (like retaining your sanity). I know how tight-assed most companies are when it comes time to take inventory, but I just can’t agree with calling in sick when you’re not really sick. Bad karma and all that.

Anyway, hope you can swing it. The only real suggestion I could make would be breakfast at Huey’s. Best pain perdue anywhere. I’d love to join you, but I work Saturdays too. Sucks, don’t it? :slight_smile:

Well, if you’re going to do it, no amount of justification is actually needed, right? :smiley:

Go for it.

Best excuse for missing anything.
Diarreah. Everybody understands.

Yes, I always find that barfing and “the bluies” (my family’s term for diarrhea) are good, non-specific illnesses that don’t require you to fake residual illness when you return to work (like, say, having a cold).

After all, you can always blame them on bad pizza and not an actual virus of any sort.

Karma doesn’t enter into it for me since I don’t believe in it. As for “personal time”, these people feel that employees shouldn’t have families or outside interests because they interfere with making money for the company. Lying about being sick won’t bother me because I AM sick of this company. :smiley: