So I was watching House Hunters last night.

This episode featured a gay couple; one white guy with glasses, and a black guy with a Southern accent. The real estate agent was an Asian woman. The house was pretty normal, until they got to the kitchen. It was a very big kitchen. Inbetween the cooking area and the breakfast nook was this weird square staircaise that led to finished basement. Except the ceiling was much lower than normal, it was like an underground version of one of those “lofts” 5th wheelers have. They had to walk around on their knees. The basement also had a home theatre room, with chairlike cushions instead of chairs. Then it got weird(er). It turned out that the pedestal thing the stairs wrapped around had a toilet in it. You lifted wooden lid and there was a toilet (with a normal toilet lid of it’s own). Sticking out in the open in the middle of the kitchen.

This occured in a dream I had. At first I was watching it on TV, then suddenly I was standing in the room watching them (but they weren’t aware of me). For awhile I was the black guy, then I went back to watching them. Nobody though anything was all that strange until they found the toilet (though I complained about the ceilings when I was the black guy. Anybody else have any weird home & gardern show related dreams lately? Did you think this was a real episode until you clicked on the spoiler?

Obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it wasn’t a show, but I did dream about my garden last night. I dreamed that my neighbourhood kids and their dog were invading my yard, and playing in my flower beds and pulling out my flowers. I was STEAMING mad!

A few weeks ago I dreamed that I could wear my cats as shoes. They had flaps at the backs of their heads and you slip your feet into them and you’re good to go. I was so pleased at how well they matched- one is black and the other gray/black/white tabby- it was awesome!

Please don’t say that too loud. We’ve been threatening our kitties with slipperdom for years. (As in, “If you keep scratching the furniture, you’ll end up a slipper!” or “What a pretty slipper you are, yes you are, here slipper, slipper.”) :smiley:

You were dreaming of a simple bungalow with a modified crawlspace? Hell, I dreamt of a stately pleasure dome, until some asshole from Porlock woke me up for nothing.

A couple days ago, my SO dreamed that we won a huge amount of money in lottery. I told him to go right back to sleep and transfer that money into our waking account.

I would much rather be rich in real life, and dream of being poor than vice versa.