So, if I started a thread called, "A man walks into a talent agent's office."

…and asked Dopers to help continue the story, would that be better placed in CS or The Pit? I would think The Pit, because the content could be a little stronger than CS would allow. Would such a thread be allowed because of the associations with a joke that begins in the same way? Just asking before I try something that may result in trouble for me later. (Also, I am working on my own version of the joke and would welcome input.)

Sgt Schwartz

Generally, story development threads go in MPSIMS. A certain level of risque content and cursing is OK outside of the Pit, as long as it’s not being directed at another poster; you can say “That’s fucking awesome, Poster X!” but not “Fuck you, Poster X!” If the dialog becomes TOO graphic, however, it will probably be shut down, even in the Pit.

Thanks, QED. That is all I needed.

Sgt Schwartz

certain level? hmmm, perhaps you haven’t heard the way this story is designed to progress…

So what’s it called…
The Aristrocrats.