Profanity in non-Pit threads?

Is this a violation of the rules? Let’s say someone drops a F-bomb (a definitely non-Jerkish poster of decent posting amount)?

Does it matter which forum it is? Great Debates vs. Cafe Society vs. MPSIMS? If so, is this something we should submit to a moderator?

I am curious as I have seen more profanity in non-Pit threads as of late. Thanks for your assistance,

Rather than use of profanity, my understanding is the primary difference between the Pit and the other forums is that personal attacks are allowed in the Pit.

The only attacks, and they are often rigorous, that one should expect in GD and IMHO are for posting unsupported controversial views. The folks in MPSIMS, IMHO, seem to me to be less likely to rock that boat in the first place.

I’ve never seen anyone on the SDMB admonished for non-gratuitous use of “curse words” in any forum. It may be a judgement call applied on a case-by-case basis. Based on comments I’ve read here, number of posts doesn’t seem to carry as much weight as one might think among the powers that be at the SDMB. Overall post quality and perhaps length of time as a member might carry more influence, at least in my imagination.

“Is this a violation of the rules?”

As Lorenzo pointed out, it depends on how you use it outside the pit, ya know, don’t direct it at someone, but instead direct it at their ideas?

handy is correct as far as he goes, but that’s only part of the story. It’s also a question of “tone” – the profanity shouldn’t overwhelm the content. Dramatic use, emphasis, these are permitted – the Boards are definitely NOT G-rated. However, a string of profanity for its own sake, with no other content would probably not be acceptable.

And the standards are slightly different for the different forums.

Yes, this is a somewhat subjective standard.

I discovered that you can’t post a poll about profanity in IMHO, nor in the Pit. link

But you can have a poll about vulgar jokes with profanity in IMHO.

Thanks C K Dexter Haven, I had been wondering about that for a while.