So IF this board were to shut down, will we be notified in advance?

I hate to sound alarmist, but I’d really like to know.
Give us Dopers a chance to say good bye to some longtime friends, or give us a chance to decide where the next hang out spot is.

We’re all meeting up at the Pacific Inn Pub in Seattle the following Friday at 8:30 to make plans.

Who runs the Straight Dopers Facebook page?

I doubt that **TubaDiva **could know that currently. She might not be told with any lead time.

I didn’t realize that all those years I worked in Fremont that I was planning for the SDMB’s demise every night after work!

There’s some places you can check in for further information.

This would include my email address (, all the moderators you have addresses for, and sites outside of here.

In the process of setting up an “official” Facebook page for TSD; as long as I have control of that, yes, that would be part of the Cecil Adams Emergency Contact System. There’s other places as well where people congregate and they would pass on the message as well, I’m sure.

Like all emergency systems, you would then be told where to go for more information, etc.

I would say there is nothing to worry about but in our history this HAS happened before and we spent some time on an outside board set up specifically to get you through. So never say “never.” But right now things are okay at least. Of course we always need your support wherever we are and whatever we do, so keep reading and posting and clicking on the occasional ad and subscribing to stuff. Keep sending me Threadspottings, the Best of the Board. Keep on keeping on!

your humble TubaDiva

This is starting to feel like MoviePass.

I think the Dope has my email from when I was on WebTV.

The SD twitter can always send out info. And the splinter boards can be a place to check for info.

heh I remember we were on a few boards in that month or two because we overloaded them :eek:

Truly you personify the quality of brand loyalty. :wink:

When the Feds shut down, many of the other cannabis boards set up Refugee Subfora to handle the displaced stoners who were stumbling about. It was uplifting to see and experience.

Actually, serendipity and gratitude.

I was on my way to cancel my AOL membership back in 1996 when I saw “THE STRAIGHT DOPE NOW ON AOL!” on the splash page. I ran to the SD site as fast as I could and you know the rest.

It was a chance act that literally changed my life … and by extension, yours too.

Held on to it ever since.

your humble TubaDiva

I suspect the board is going to fade away rather than suddenly drop dead.
We have already lost most of our active membership, new blood is rare and even active people are dropping out. NYT ain’t failing, SDMB most certainly is.

A third of my life has been on here. But, all things must end. :frowning:

Y’all are feeling suddenly worried? I’m actually feeling more optimistic about the boards these days than I have in the past. We’ve actually got an admin who is getting creative and thoughtful on making this place some more scratch, and bringing in new readers. That’s a *good *thing, not a reason to be suddenly concerned.

It would be interesting to know of the members that joined in the last 3 years and stuck around for over a year how many came to the Dope via the column and how many just stumbled in via various internet searches and links or were recommended by friends. If the column is a small part of it, then things could be fine, if the column is the majority, we’ve got problems.

I’m convinced (as far as that goes without data) that the vast majority of people signing up for SDMB came here the same way I did 13 years ago, namely through Google. Why would people all over the globe *first *stumble upon the obscure column, and *then * move on to the MB…?

Yes, but the only reason she’s there is because they had to fire off everyone else (Slug, Ed, etc.). Things had to get bad for them to bring in someone who would try stuff.

I’m not counting my proverbial chickens either way, but I do definitely understand why people are trying to make up contingency plans just in case. It’s just risk aversion. It doesn’t mean they actually think we will definitely fail, just that we’re now to a place where we might.

Umm, it takes maybe five minutes to set up a FB page? Where are you with that?

Just asking because you’re supposed to be stocked with supplies and be ready to go before the hurricane hits and not after it makes landfall. One shouldn’t be dodging your neighbor’s roof blowing down the street as you drive to Home Depot for batteries and boards to cover the windows.

But upthread, we were told that the message board is no longer appearing high in Google search results. So that’s not a good sign if we want to see new readers.