So I'm Dating an English Teacher...

…who is brilliant, stylish, funny and, I might add, drop-dead gorgeous. She’s the girl in the short skirt and the looong jacket. It’s been about a month, and what a month it’s been!

I, however, need a spot of advice: I’d like to send her flowers, partly because it’s a minor chronological milestone, partly because the schoolyear is beginning, and she’s just now switched schools (I helped her move…). It’s been my experience that women really like to receive flowers at work…sort of a look-how-special-I-am sort of thing. However, her office is a classroom, and for the life of me I can’t recall any of my teachers receiving flowers in class. Is it done? Would they bring them to her room? Call her to the front office to pick it up? Should I come up with a better idea? Suggestions welcome.

Can you call the front office and ask them what would happen if you sent flowers? I would imagine it is different for every school.

I can’t remember ever seeing a teacher get flowers while I was in school either. Maybe that is another question to ask the office.

I would tell them what girl you want to send flowers to - they might spill the beans.

Does she teach English; or is she a teacher, who is a subject of the Queen? :confused:

What level of school does she teach? Anything lower than high school (and maybe college), it’s going to cause her a certain amount of grief if she gets flowers at school (“Miss Sesquipedlian’s got a boyfriend, Miss Sesquipedlian’s got a boyfriend, Miss Sesquipedlian’s got a boyfriend!”).

My mom is a teacher, and when I send her flowers the delivery person takes them to the main office, and they call her on the intercom to let her know.

This in no way cuts down on the drama of getting flowers at work! It means everybody gets to see them and make a fuss. :slight_smile:

You could call the office, like GoingToCalifornia says, or I’ll just bet that your friendly local florist has delivered to the school before and knows their policies.

It depends on the individual school, so call the office (as GoingToCalifornia suggested) and find out what they prefer. It differs from school-to-school in my district, where some offices deliver the flowers while others require the teacher to come pick them up. (Most often the former is used by the elementaries and the latter is the choice for the secondaries.)

Sounds like a keeper! (I love that song, btw.)

You could always have them take the flowers to the faculty lounge. Then her colleagues, not her students, would be razzing her.

Of course, being in a new school and all, that would be a great icebreaker to help her get to know the other teachers.

Speaking of which, most schools usually have some days before classes begin where teachers have to be there for meetings and whatnot. Could have the flowers delivered then!

Bosda: She’s an American citizen who teaches the Language Arts as they call it these days…to me, it’ll always just be “English.” Of course, I had to take back all the awful things I’ve said about English majors (would you like fries with that?) and instructors over the years…she’s redeemed the whole species in my eyes.

Ethilrist: Her classes will be 9th & 10th graders…hopefully that’ll minimize the razzing on the student side.

RTFirefly: Well, I imagine I’ll keep her as long as she’ll let me. Aside from the name and choice of vehicles (she seems fond of impractical British convertibles), she’s pretty much the girl in the song, which hit me returning from our first date. Good idea about the staff day delivery…I’m going to see if I can arrange that!

Be aware that some (many?) schools have a no-flower policy.

(Somebody should be along shortly to say “What?! That’s stupid!”)

((That person will probably be followed by somebody who will share a tear-jerking tale explaining why it’s a good policy and every school should be the same.))

What?! That’s stupid!

Probably because some people have some sort of allergy or sensitivity to flowers. No, no one at this school has that problem, but in order to show sensitivity to those people who do, no one should bring flowers into the school…

Or, even worse: Receiving flowers from a person with whom you are romantically involved is insensitive to those people who are not in a relationship – or don’t want to be in a relationship, so no one should bring flowers into the school… :rolleyes:

Well, when I was in high school, my teacher got flowers one time, but little did she know that they had been accidently covered in depleted uranium dust which (as we all know) is very sharp and it caused all these little cuts and she got very sick and died.

I’m still in therapy over the whole thing…
I think no flowers policies are wise and should be in place everywhere.

59 minutes later…

What took you so long? :smiley: