A question for the men

Greathouse was asking about flowers for a lady and my question is:

Do men enjoy getting sent flowers at work? Or is it just embarrassing?


I wouldn’t mind a single flower. Perhaps a dozen roses, but a bouquet…nah.

That’s a tough one to answer as it’s hypothetical for most men. I’d say you have to know the guy you’re sending to very well and think about the environment he works in. I work in a corporate office so I think I could live through the jokes people would make but it would be flattering. In other environments it could be acutely embarassing for a guy.

The closest thing I could compare it to is when lady friends have sent me personal photos through email. I sometimes check my home mail while at work and let’s just say it’s a good thing I have a cubicle to myself.


I understand women like flowers, chocolates and perfume.

I think most men just want chocolate!

P.S. I had a gentle breakup when young, and my ex-girlfriend sent me after-shave (I had a beard at the time). I thought it was an unsubtle hint, but she later told me it was simply a panic buy, and she was terrified I would be insulted…

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I personally would be happy to get flowers at work.

Once in a meeting, I got frustrated and used the “f” word. To apologize, I brought the target of my ire a bouquet of flowers the next day. He was somewhat taken aback, but I thought it was funny (as did most other people.) He gave the flowers to his girlfriend (who also worked at our company.)

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Nah, just send the cash.

Actually a cold Diet Dr. Pepper on a hot summer day could melt my heart in an instant.

Flowers? I’d love some. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Seriously, Padeye’s right to say it’s a matter of the environment, but I think we’d appreciate a token of affection like that delivered at work. If not flowers, then perhaps an assortment of coffees/teas? A plant? Those chocolates Glee mentioned?

Sometimes though, we’d prefer it if you came by in person and got under the desk. Nothing like a little “lip service” to brighten a dull workday … :wink:

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Flowers are for ladies.

Tickets to the ball game… NOW you’re talking!

Nothing more romantic than front row. :wink:

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I wouldn’t like to get them at work. Too girlie, I think. But I would love to have them to brighten up my house!


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I work in an office environment and would not mind at all getting flowers at work. I may feel differently if I were a construction foreman, however.


First you tease me with your stories of working yourself into a sweaty, bloody mess and now I find out your a Diet Dr. Pepper lover, too?! You’re killing me.

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I have been sent flowers at work, and I liked it. Form makes a difference, I think. Arrangements that are likely to appeal to the particular man’s tastes. I like exotics (birds of paradise, Japanese lillies, etc) but would not care to receive a dozen roses.

Flowers at home, fine. Flowers at work, no.

Send a bottle of good booze or a case of beer for work. It will impress the fellow male workers and get the “God, I wish I had her for a girl friend response.”. Which helps the ego a lot more than the flowers.

I sent a guy a rose at work once… let me set the stage:

The guy: 6’7", over 30 tattoos, long hair, big knife on his belt
The place: comedy club, he worked in the kitchen

So the delivery guy comes in and all the waitresses start gossipping about which of them it was for… and then watch as it gets delivered to the guy in the kitchen. He loved it. :slight_smile:

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I’ve sent my husband flowers at work. He wasn’t embarrassed.

Yeah, I get flowers a few times a year still.

Get the right color so it gives the right message.

This is off the romance topic, but-

For my Dad’s 50th birthday, I sent him a dozen yellow roses. He was touched- the first time in his life he’d ever received flowers. I’d advise it for Dads everywhere!

I once sent a bouquet of flowers to an ex-boyfriend I wanted to get back together with. They were Forget-Me-Nots!

I sent them to him at work, and he loved it! He said he’d never gotten flowers from a woman before and it made him feel really special. He wasn’t embarrassed at all. It wasn’t too long after that that we got back together :smiley:

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I’ve only gotten flowers at work once, but I enjoyed it. It was a single rose (red, oddly) from my old temp agency after I got hired full-time at my then-new job. I thought it was a nice gesture.

Never has a woman sent me flowers. If you’re offering, though… :slight_smile:

Now let me tell you about last night when I had a dozen deer hunters in my house cracking jokes and making the Guy Stuff thread look pathetic. On second thought, let me just say that I’m glad today is the last day of the season.