So I'm going to see "Stomp" tonight

I’m experiencing both feelings of anticipation and dread. On one hand, maybe it’ll be kinda cool to see these performers making music using unlikely instruments. On the other hand, maybe it won’t be cool watching some dude banging on a trash can lid for two hours.

Oh well, we’re either going to see My Fair Lady or 42nd Street next, and those should be good. :slight_smile:

Has anyone here been to Stomp?

I’ve seen stomp. You will love it. From the brooms, to the lighters, to the sinks, to the swingers, to the trash, to the poles. You will love it.

And it has its funny moments, too.

It’s a great show–much better than their TV specials suggest (though the Oscar performance was pretty good). Have fun!

I saw Stomp back in April and absolutely loved it. It was a fun, energetic show and, like Spritle said, it has some funny scenes as well.

It’s a blast, so much more than “some dude banging on a trash can lid for two hours.” You’ll love it.

Cool! Suddenly I’m very much looking forward to it. Thanks all :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I was dreading it very much. [hijack ON]

It was two weeks after Ex and I broke up… let’s call her Eris. So Eris and I had made plans, about a month earlier, to see this Stomp show… on Valentine’s Day! I had already paid for the ticket, and I promised her I’d go, but let me tell you, all I could think of was how dumb this show was going to be (guys banging on random stuff? Eh) and how much it was going to suck sitting next to someone for which I had unrequited feelings.

But, ten minutes into the show and all was forgotten. It was really a great experience. Of cours,e after the show I realized that I was stuck with a girl who didn’t feel about me the way I felt about her on a romantic holiday, but the show was awesome.[/hijack]

Oooh! STOMP is a blast! I saw it in Boston a few years ago, and they put an extra row of seats in front of the front row at the Colonial theatre. We were in these seats, and got a bit dirty when they did the broom thing, and wet during the sink bit:)

I saw STOMP a couple years ago. I really enjoyed the show. I am not sure if I would go see them again, as they are a bit of a novelty act.

Stomp is a great show. We saw it last year, and loved it. I’d definitely go again.

I saw it a few years ago when it was in Chicago - loved it.
BTW, there was a 90-minute HBO special “Stomp Out Loud” which I taped and is now out on DVD.

Soooooooooooooooo…didja like it?

Yeah it was a lot of fun. Pretty impressive just how much music they could squeeze out of stuff like sinks and rubber tubes. I dug it.

Only problem: I have the wicked urge to tap everything around me to make my own percussion. I guess that’s a good sign that I liked it :smiley: