So I'm gonna be a recruiter for the Army.

I checked my e-mail this morning and saw I was on DA orders to be a recruiter. I was going to post this in GQ, but I would like some Dopers to post their experiences with being a recruiter. So far, all I have is a class date. Has anyone here recently gone to recruiter school, or been a recruiter?
Any suggestions?

SSG Schwartz

I never was a recruiter, but I had a recruiter, and I knew lots of people who had recruiters. All I can offer is - don’t lie to potential recruits.

I was always amazed at the number of people who said their recruiters fed them a line just to get them enlisted. I was so lucky - my recruiter took care of me beyond what I was even aware of. I had a guaranteed school and everything.

Good luck - I’ve heard recruiting duty is particularly challenging right now.

There was a thread where a Doper told about his experiences as a recruiter and as I recall it wasn’t fun at all. Insane hours and tons of pressure. :frowning:

Not much in the way of advice, but everything I’ve heard says it’s really rough being a recruiter these days. The quotas and pressure they put on you to meet them is really stressful.

Take care of your health, stay away from booze as a stress reliever, and try to find some way to destress that completely removes you from the job. Video games, maybe.

Any idea where you’ll be a recruiter?

I do understand that it will be long hours and a lot of pressure. You should see what I am working with now, however.

I feel good that I will be given the opportunity to turn civilians into defenders of freedom.

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I was lied to in order to get me to enlist. I won’t do it. Enlisting in the Army needs to be a decision the recruit has made on his or her own. Lying will only result in people having bad feelings about the Army. I work with enough of those. I also believe that the Army can offer young men and women (and even some not so young) some good opportunities.

SSG Schwartz

Stay away from alcohol? You must be joking! :smiley: I do have a lot of hobbies that get me away from reality. Playing Scarface and posting here are two good ones.

I don’t know where I will go to as I don’t have enough time remaining to be sent anywhere else. I may re-enlist in order to meet the time remaining requirement, just so I can find out where I would be sent.

SSG Schwartz

I am not an Army recruiter, but I am currently a recruiter for your sister service. SSGT Schwartz being a recruiter is a lot of hard work. I won’t lie, the goals (we don’t call them quotas, you know) are tough sometimes, and the hours REALLY suck (I missed the Nashville Dopefest the I started the thread on for goodness sake), but the rewards are definitely worth it. I have little time for hobbies, but then my family comes before hobbies. I am friends with Army recruiters, and they are normal Soldiers that are happy with their jobs. You hit the nail on the head when you siad that you might like turing civilians in defenders of freedom. That is really the best feeling in the world.

I’ve never been to the Army recruiting school, but in the Air Force it is one of the most challenging there is (not including the special tactics schools). Study hard and come up with mnemonic devices!

Good luck, and I hope that you do well (not better than the AF recruiter in the same town as you, though :slight_smile: ). Let me know where you get stationed, I might know the AF recruiter there. If you have anymore specific Q’s, PM or e-mail me and I’ll answer them as best I can.

Serious stress, probably one of the toughest, most challeging jobs you’ll have in your military career. I’m not saying you’ll have to lie to perspective recruits, but you’re going to find that you can’t be totally candid either. If your successful as a recruiter, it will definitely enhance your career and chances for promotion, but you’re going to face some tough decisions. It’s a fine line you’ll be walking and you have to constantly keep that in mind. The mission comes first! Good luck. BTW, I second the advice about taking it very easy on the booze. It seems like a great stress reliever, but it’s real easy to go overboard.

billyb0b, thanks as soon as I find out where I will be, I will definitely let you know. It has to be easier to get people in the AF than the Army :smiley: . I wish you the best. I believe only the best and the brightest are selected for this calling. (Og, I hope I don’t prove that wrong.)

A.R. Cane, as you have seen, I am candid, even when I lie. I don’t want to do that. I want to bring in people who want to be in. I promised myself I wouldn’t cheat again. I don’t think I will. It only makes problems for the Drill Sergeants. I will watch the alcohol. It worked for awhile. It is time for it to go.

Thanks for the support.

SSG Schwartz

Tell people about all the damn money they will make. Recruiters, and the Army in general, places too much emphasis on “money for college, money for college…”
Fuck that. It’s not that appealing to many people. And there’s people like me who–in highschool–thought that all you get is money for college. I thought you go to Basic for free, serve in the Army like a conscript for a couple years, and then you get paid some money for college. Like some kind of bust-your-ass scholarship.
Make sure you explain to people the financial entitlements during service. Not just the base pay, but the tax-free BAH, the tax-free BAS, tax-free COLA, Bonuses, language pay, professional pay, airborne pay, special duty pay. Fuck man… what business is going to start off an unskilled, unexperienced 17 or 18 year old in an entry level position making that kind of money!?
Fuck the defending freedom and college tuition angle. Tell them about the money!!

IMO, anyway.

Other than that, I’m sorry to hear you’re on assignment for recruiting. I’ve never heard a single person say they enjoyed it. I know some people who volunteered for it to avoid deploying. But other than that, nobody ever wants to do it, and nobody ever enjoys it.
I was DA Select for recruiter once. I’m the only person I know of, or that anyone knows of, who was able to sham out of it! I fought with that branch to release me back to infantry branch so I could avoid three years of cold calling and and ass kissing. I wanted desperately to avoid having that kind of desk job. I thought I had won, until I got my new orders for Op Sergeant. (Another Desk Job) Bastards.

Definitely keep us posted as to how it’s going. Lots of data and anecdotes, as long as you can share them without getting in trouble. I sometimes feel as if, beyond simply being “anti-current administration” and “anti-Iraq Occupation,” this board is slightly anti-military in general. I’m not, and I’d like to hear how someone (i.e. you) who shares my views on more than a few things, does as a recruiter.

ETA: whoo-hoo! 4000 posts in what must be near-record time!

I know you are not a recruiter just yet, but considering your rank and experience (I’ve paid attention to a few of your posts here) and your location says Fort Bragg, I would appreciate it if you could help me out with enlistment stuff, if nothing else than to give me the No Bull on a lot of things.

There was a good article in Texas Monthly last year about a recruiter who really enjoyed it and was good at it, lots of acclaim, merited his own article, etc. I found it, but you’ll need to reister to read the whole thing.

I don’t want to turn this into an “Ask the (almost) Army recruiter Guy” thread, but if you become a member you can PM me, or ask what you need to know. There are several ranks and branches of Service represented here. We have no reason to lie. At least I hope none of us do.

And Bear, you know at our point in our careers, the Army knows what we want, gives it to us, but dips it in shit before serving. :wink: Seriously, I am beginning to think that most of the Army has an MOS, a desk job, and an additional duty.

SSG Schwartz

I’d suggest going to a Young Republicans convention. They are pretty gung-ho about the war. The Bush twins are about the right age as well.

I really just wanted to add that I think this is the best attitude to go at it with. I considered joining when I was a junior in high school, but by spring I had decided against it, mostly because of personal reasons. I had a great recruiter though, a real nice guy that gave me no bull and all the answers and info I wanted. I’ve heard several stories of lies that got people to sign up, and it makes me think I was lucky to have someone who took me serious and gave me a straight story on everything, not someone telling me what I want to hear. I hope you do well in your new assignment.

FWIW: the recruiter saw me at a ball game about a year and a half later, right before I left for college. He still was extremely nice and genuinely interested in how I was doing. That was something rather impressive (to me, anyways)

Brendon Small

Tell them how much women love a man in a uniform. Seriously, in this day and age where so many young guys dress like slobs, I’ve heard lots of young women talk about how great guys look in their uniforms, and with such good posture.

My son’s AF recruiter rocked. He was completely honest, thoroughly up front about the crap you have to put up with in basic – as he said, “When they’re yelling two inches from your face, remember that they can’t touch you, and when has yelling ever hurt anyone?” – but stressed the positives that my son would gain, tangible and intangible, and helped him with a guaranteed career field. (There aren’t many in the AF, but there are a few.) He was readily available to answer questions, very patient with families, and just an all-around good guy. And he always returned phone calls.

The son of good friends of my mom is a Navy recruiter now, and he absolutely loves it even though it’s very hard work. He’s an all-around good guy, too. (Of course, having known him since he was in elementary school may have something to do with my opinion of him. :slight_smile: )

Be yourself and be proud of your job and, as everyone has said, be honest with potential recruits, and it will definitely serve you well. Good luck!

SSGT Schwartz when the Army starts taking 67 year old recruits I’ll give you a call and re-up! My 3 years in the Army in the 50’s was good to and for me.
I gotta lot of experience going to waste that could be used by my country! :dubious:

Thanks again for all the support. Keep in mind that there is a waiver for everything in the Army, so if I miss my goals, I will need some of you to enlist. :smiley:

SSG Schwartz