So I'm moving to Davis, CA. Help me please!

I’m moving in two weeks from just outside Boston, where I’ve lived for my entire life to Davis, CA. I need to pack everything I own into my new dodge neon. Since I need to leave most of my life behind, where should I go to obtain a new life? Where should I get cheap furniture? Where can I get a used bike, as it isn’t worth moving mine. Where’s the best place to buy groceries? What about Indian and Chinese ingredients? Are there any parts of town to avoid (since I went to school in Lowell, Davis seems quaint and really save)? Any advice would be really helpful.

I don’t know anything about Davis per se, but for new stuff, start with Craig’s List

Cheap furniture? Craigslist is an excellent choice. Theres a few thriftshops in davis, and many in woodland. One of my couches is from a thriftstore.

Ikea is pretty far away(70 miles in emeryville), but they’re opening one next year in sacramento.

August 30/September 1 is move-out day for nearly every apartment in Davis. Dumpster diving is semi-legal here and you’ll be helping out the environment(I’ve gotten a t.v stand like this)

Safeway is the cheapest market in town(evil managers, I quit and i’m damn happy about it), but not too many asian ingrediants. Theres a little Korean market called Ms. Kim’s market, but theres not much in the way of produce.

As for places to avoid the most dangerous place in Davis would probably be campus. You can decide if you want to avoid campus or not.

A bike should be easy, Davis is the most bike friendly city in the US. Bike shops are like Starbucks, they are everywhere.
Also if you are looking for used, Craig’s list should help

Thanks for the info. Somehow I knew that someone would say campus was the most dangerous place.

Just in case it didn’t come off that way, I was being serious.
Where ya moving into? South davis? East davis? Central davis? North davis? West?

For cheap furniture, start looking in the big dumpsters they stick in apartment complexes: students moving away at the end of the year always throw out a bunch of perfectly good furniture to avoid having to haul it.

Yes, I’m serious.
And don’t forget to check out “Little Prague” downtown! Best beer in the city.

Check with the Bike Barn on campus (near the Silo) for a used bike.

And Harmonix is quite right about Campus being the most dangerous place. But only by comparison; Davis has no areas to avoid. You want a lousy neighborhood, you need to go over to West Sacramento.

Or woodland.

I’ve got an apartment on F Street, not exactly sure which part of Davis that is. I’ve only spent a grand total of three days there ever and all I determined about the layout of the town was that the gridded downtown was cool (being from Boston, any street that runs farther than three blocks in both direction is a treat).

F street in downtown or F street and poleline?

Downtown I suppose would be central davis.
F and poleline would be North Davis.

At either place you should be able to find adequate busing to campus. Has some good general info on town if you spend the time to look.