So I'm probably going to freeze to death.

Right now it’s -28 and with the wind chill it’s -43!!!

Apparently exposed skin will freeze in 10 minutes and I have to walk to and wait at the bus stop.

I may have to change my name to FreezyGimpy.
I’m gonna die.

Well… Stay out of the wind! :smiley:

Meanwhile, south of the border, it’s a pleasant 41ºF/5ºC.

It’s in the 60’s here in Chicago, unbelievably. Good luck staying warm!

But if you freeze you may still float like an iceberg, so lucky for you , you won’t need to change your username.

It’s 70 F right now but will hit 80 this afternoon. So, you know, just pretend you’re here.

Today we might reach a record high, tomorrow we’re definitely going to, Thursday we’ll be back to seasonally frigid temps and last Wednesday we hit a record low. The weather in Toronto this year is psycho.

I usually don’t trust weather reporters but damnit Jim I’m a human not a chameleon, I can’t dress for every possibility!

I feel ya. Tonight’s low is -31C and tomorrow’s is -36. Downright wintery.

It was cold - damn hell ass cold!!!

Everyone at the bus stop was sort of jigging and jumping around to stay warm. But nobody talked because if you did, your mouth would freeze.

On a Christmas Day we were mushing our way over the Dawson trail
Talk of your cold through the parka’s fold it stabbed like a driven nail
And if your eyes you’d close then your lashes froze till sometimes you couldn’t see
It wasn’t much fun but the only one to whimper was Sam McGee

I’m glad you didn’t freeze to death, and hope you will continue not to. The coldest temperature I’ve ever endured personally was -20f and it was awful. I had winter attire and appropriate gear but it was still awful. You have my sympathy. Here’s hoping you have unrestricted access to the hot beverage of your choice in between bouts of having to be outside.

It was so cold…

(How cold was it?)

It was so cold, I saw a dog urinate on a fence and he was stuck there 'til Spring!

It was so cold, I saw a flasher drawing pictures.*
*Courtesy of an old episode of Bosom Buddies that always stuck with me.

It was so cold, I saw a polar bear wearing a fur coat.

I feel your pain. I lived in Upstate NY for the first 25 years of my life in an area that was the brunt of lake effect snow. You would listen to the weather forcasters speak of expected brutally cold conditions, and they weren’t kidding.

My closest friend in highschool moved to Texas to live closer to her sisters, and she invited me for a visit in February of 1983. When my flight took off, it was -33 degrees. Cold enough that it actually hurt to breath outside. When my flight was landing in Houston, all I could see was green grass and trees with leaves still attached. At that moment, the only thought that went through my head is, “I’m home.” I went back to NY with a tan, saved up a shit-ton of money, and moved my ass down to Texas. Luckily, I ended up in one of the pockets of sanity. I’ll take hot over the bone chilling cold at any time.

I would have cheerfully shared some of our excess heat with you this morning. It was warm and muggy–around 75F. It’s finally dropped into the 50s now, which is less offensive to my sensibilities.

It’s so cold I saw a lawyer with his hands in his own pockets!

(Don’t forget to tip your servers!)

It’s so cold that … Wait a minute! No it’s not. It’s friggin’ HOT here!

Hot? I know of one time it was so hot, a farmer was plowing his field with a mule. The field happened to be next to a corn field, and it was so hot that the corn started popping. The popped corn flew into the air and fell on the mule. The mule thought it was snowing and lay down and froze to death!

Now that’s hot.

The trick is to have no exposed skin. If you could see people’s mouths, they weren’t bundled enough.

Miserable, ain’t it? Last week, a neighbor and I were literally counting the days til Spring.

Where in the holy shit do you live? Minnesota? Worse yet, Canada?