"So in Love": who's the artist? And recording date?

I heard this sweet song on KRTH-101 FM, an oldies station in Los Angeles. But I haven’t found it in oldies stores because I don’t know who recorded it. It’s a happy little song, with a light clapping beat. :slight_smile:
The last verse begins, “When we walk down the aisle together…” (tearing up)

Wasn’t that a song by Vikkie Carr? (don’t laugh, the album was my mother’s.)

hrmmmmmmmmmm… you wouldnt’ happen to have more lyrics would you? a chorus maybe? I’m stumped but feel the need to prevail over this question.

ant spend 20% of their day working…
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I don’t know who did the original, but I’m pretty sure All-4-One did a cover.

All I can remember, Arnold, is that the refrain always begins with “So in Love…”

The song itself is called “So Much In Love,” but according to my brief internet search, so many artists have done it that I can’t exactly tell who did the original. I can get you the full lyrics, though, if you want.

By all means… :slight_smile:

The Tymes took this song to #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1963. You can download a Real Audio version of the song at the Cruisin’ 50’s site–it is selection A64. (343 K)

If I recall correctly, that was Art Garfunkel’s only solo hit… “hit” relatively speaking, I suppose. No offense to Art. :slight_smile:

I asked my musician husband who did this tune, and he said pretty much the same thing as Drain–a whole lotta people. He couldn’t remember who did it first, either. So now I have to find the answer to a musical question, because my husband doesn’t know it. I don’t think this has ever happened in my house before. Wow. Thanks Dougie!

If it’s the same song I’m thinking of, it’s by Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark, aka OMD. The song is from late 1985 or early 1986.

And that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

Forget it, so much for speed reading. I’m wrong. Let the tougue-lashings begin.

That’s “tongue”. I give up!

The song was also a minor hit for Timothy B. Schmit of the Eagles. It’s on his first solo album. If you heard it on a modern rock station, it was probably his recording. He made it around 1985.

It is definitely the Tymes. I know, it was practically the first record I ever bought.

The Timothy B. Schmit version was on the soundtrack to “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”, so that would put it at around 1982.

I advertised for “So Much in Love,” on Yahoo, after I found out the artist was The Tymes. A store in Queens, NY, sent me a copy. Thanx to all for the info. :slight_smile:

Ah, so a deaf person always gets the music questions?

So Much In Love
The Tymes
Peak Position: #1
Year: 63
As we stroll along together
Holding hands, walking all alone
So in love are we two
That we don´t know what to do
So in love (doo, so in love)
In a world of our own (doo, so in love)

                            As we stroll by the sea together
                            Under stars twinkling high above
                            So in love are we two
                            No one else but me and you
                            So in love (doo, so in love)
                            So much in love (doo, so in love)
                            So in love (doo, so in love)
                            So much in love (doo, so in love)

                            We stroll along together
                            I tell you I need you oh so much
                            I love, love you my darling
                            Can you tell it in my touch?

                            When we walk down the aisle together
                            We will vow to be together till we die
                            So much love have we two
                            Just can´t wait to say ´I do´
                            So in love (doo, so in love)
                            Are you and I (doo, you and I)
                            So in love (doo, so in love)
                            Are you and I (doo, you and I)
                            So in love (doo, so in love)
                            Are you and I (doo, you and I)

Which is close to:

Down The Aisle Of Love
Peak Position: #18
Year: 58
When we walk down the aisle he gives me a smile
When we walk, as we walk down the aisle of love

                   The preacher said, will you take this woman to be your wife
                   To love and to cherish for the rest of your life
                   As we walk, as we walk down the aisle of love

                   We exchange our vows to love one another
                   No matter how things may be
                   We promise to always stay with each other until eternity

                   When we walk down the aisle
                   A choir of angels sent from above
                   When we walk down the aisle of love

Now that makes me tear up…