So in Portland..."Free Speech Rally"

An amusing aside. We happened to be downtown while all this was going on. On the MAX train going home there was a young man loudly blathering on at length about “the fucking government” and how the government is involved in secret drug trade and how everyone is a racist except him, etc. Near the end of the excruciating 20-minute ride, he returned to the topic of politics, saying:

“The purpose of politics is to polarize people! It’s right there in the word! P-O-L-O for ‘polarize’! Think about it, man! It’s not an accident!” :rolleyes: :smack: :smiley:

This was your post, with no links:

Sounds like they just decided to get together and start ambushing police cars on traffic duty, doesn’t it?
That is the impression your OP gives… and that impression is/was False.

I posted link to show there were two sides with police in between. There were antagonists on both sides. Did violent people throw things? I don’t support that (show me where I do)

Where did I say this? Talk about Delusions.

Priceless…! Thanks!

My cite corrects your misleading OP, but keep digging…

… which evidently is DS that means ‘proved’…

Apply to my bill for educating you. Its “thoroughly” and “…has nothing to do with anything.” You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Before you reply, re read what I actually wrote to reply to you & show me were I supported violence from either side. I’ll wait.
Because I didn’t… I don’t… and violent protesters deserve to be arrested. Let bail bondsmen sort them out.

But there were legitimate counter protesters there who were not violent and who were responding to the group whose member stabbed three people (killing two) on a train last week.

They have a legitimate grievance, they have legitimate concerns, and you lumping all of them in with some bumper-sticker label called ‘Antifa’ is Dishonest.

According to your linked article -
Tempers and shoving matches flared periodically, but law enforcement kept violence mostly in check. Late in the day, as the pro-Trump rally was ending, police ordered counter-demonstrators to disperse from two adjacent parks, prompting some in the crowd to hurl rocks and other projectiles at officers.

Apparently the counter-demonstrators/Antifa chose to throw projectiles at the police. Probably to attract attention to their pro-violence cause, entertain their pro-violence supporters, and to show their true colors.

Really? Some people decided to get together and start ambushing police cars on traffic duty? Is that what it sounded like to you? That’s not the impression I have.

It sounds as if your impression/interpretation is the false one.

Well, four sentences & no link to what he was talking about. Could be.
shakes magic 8-ball to guess what the next 4 sentence OP with no point of reference is about

I’m opposed to violence in the street. What does that make me?

(Looks at header)…I dunno. Maybe it’s about the “Free Speech Rally” in Portland. Just a wild guess.

Unfortunately, that right is under violent attack from the radical left, and the rest of us, not just pro-Trump right-wingers, need to show the anti-fas and their ilk that we will not be intimidated.

Or maybe you approve of the heckler’s veto.

I’m showing my ignorance, but what is Antifa?

They’re a violent faction of the far left, and the word is shorthand for “anti-fascist.” They’re sort of the Western version of the Red Guard.

for historical reference -

It appears that it was about the “Free Speech Rally” in “Portland”. You were the one who chose to introduced the - "Sounds like they just decided to get together and start ambushing police cars on traffic duty, doesn’t it - twist. Mundane and pointless. Thanks for sharing.

Anytime! Glad you were entertained. :smiley:

This started out pretty ranty and continued down that path so I’m going to move this to the Pit.

Those poor, delicate, peace-loving Republicans who support having prisoners tortured and their families put to death. I feel so bad for the scumbags. I hope they recover soon so it can happen to them again. And again. And again.


It was? Nothing in the OP actually said anything about a free speech rally. There was no link to any news about a free speech rally. There was nothing except some excrement about Antifa, and no clarification until someone else dropped a link, hours later.

Do keep up.

I think “Free Speech Rally” is the cover term used to describe anything that would be awkward to refer to by its actual purpose. Not big on bravely stating the truth, are darling fascist bully boys.

Right - apart from the title, it was a complete mystery.

By the way, it was in Portland.


PS - Portland is in Oregon.

PPS - Oregon is a state.

Proposed Thread Title: “Going Back To School For My Master’s”

Proposed Thread Text: "Apparently Shodan wasn’t being enough of a shitwit and derped. Dopers point it out. I’m sure more info will come to light.

Thank you again Shodan for showing the world your colors."
Almost as coherent as the OP. Please keep up.

PS - You’re an idiot.

PPS - An idiot is a bad thing.

Pro-fascist <—> Anti-fascist
Pro-life <—> Anti-life


Were the anti-fascists protesting a “free speech rally”, presumably being held by pro-fascists? Is “free speech rally” the dog whistle for “fascist cook-out” or something these days?

Just trying to piece this all together from the contextual clues in the discussion here.

Or was it the anti-fascists who were holding the “free speech rally”, decrying how terrible fascism is and such? Really unsure whose side I’m supposed to be on, especially with “free speech rally” having been in scare quotes for the OP.