What do Dopers think about Antifa?

What do you think?

I think they’re terrible people - advocating and effecting violence against their political opponents.

  1. Are you talking about Antifaschistische Aktion?
  2. What is being debated here?

I think this is more of a MPSIMS OP and follow up.

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  1. Yes, at least the American wing of it.

  2. I wanted to know if Dopers were aware of them, ashamed, proud, indifferent, etc.

I don’t know what that is.

My bold. By political opponents, you really mean neo-nazis, right?

I didn’t even know there was an American branch-got any cites about them? Perhaps their website, some news articles etc.?

Do you consider Ann Coulter a neo-nazi?

Is this you hinting at what side you are taking in the OP you posted?
Personally, opposing Ann(Bugfuck Crazy) Coulter is a big plus in my book.

Okay, let’s get things straight: By antifa, you mean who? Where? Antifa is not a cohesive, uniform group, you know that right? Antifa in Italy is different from antifa in Germany is different from antifa in Norway. I have no clue about antifa in America

Has Ann Coulter been beat up by american antifa members?

My own experience with antifa has been getting beat up by paramilitary police because I was suspected of being antifa (I’m not), and norwegian anarchists beating up russian neo-nazis sending them packing, because they set up shop just around the corner to spread their hate. Some antifa are complete crazies, some are mostly harmless, most are somewhere inbetween.

No. But I’m anti-Coulter just the same.

Now answer the original question asked.


NYC Antifa twitter

Berkeley Antifa facebook

The “Battle of Berkely” clash on April 15, 2017 (note: there’s tons of video of this, I just grabbed a few random ones):

- YouTube
Mother Jones: I Went Behind the Front Lines With the Far-Right Agitators Who Invaded Berkeley

Are they a force at all in this country? Not only is there no wiki entry for the American branch, there is no mention of them at all in the main article at all. What have they done here that has you all in a tizzy?

Not really. It’s one of those labels which is used by a number of violence-advocating left-wing groups who will call a “fascist” anybody they happen to dislike. The name comes from “we dislike fascism” but the actions are more along the lines of “we want to beat you up therefore we’ll call you a fascist so we can justify beating you up”.

I’m talking about the ones here in America.

Not yet, but UC Berkeley cancelled her speaking visit because they were afraid Antifa might harm her

Is threatening her with harm for speaking a big plus in your book?

Probably more fake news.


No, by “political opponents” I mean political opponents of the radical Left. People like Ann Coulter. I think Nava covered it well in post #16.