So in Portland..."Free Speech Rally"

Apparently the Antifa faction wasn’t getting enough attention and attacked some police. They’re being dispersed. I’m sure more info will come to light.

Thank you again Antifa for showing the world your colors.

You’re pro-fascist, then?

I’ve been wondering about something about this:

What permits here does the federal government have anything to do with? Are/Were these rallies scheduled to happen on federal property? I’ve seen this mentioned in a bunch of articles on-line, but not a one of them says specifically where these rallies are supposed to take place (in particular, if they are on federal land), nor what the federal gov’t has to do with permitting or nor permitting them.

I know that some kind of demonstration took place on federal land cause I saw that some kind of federal presence watched over the people there while local authorities looked over the factions not on federal land

Antifa needs to up their game. Grab a bunch of rifles and take over a federal building–then conservatives will support their defense of liberty!

The pro-Trump rally was held in a park that is owned by the feds, so they issued the permit. There were some minor problems that required a few flash-bangs, and a few people were arrested, but overall things went okay.

Here is Reuters story on it. Or is Reuters ‘fake news’ now too…? :dubious:

There’s nothing there to indicate what I saw happening live was false.

In fact the article states that counter protestors threw rocks and projectiles at police. I’d call throwing rocks at police ‘attacking them’…if you don’t think so, you’re welcome to try it for yourself.

Or is Reuters false news now?

In the first video on the cnn story, about 2 minutes in, the reporter claims that the rally organizer Joey Gibson said that he just wanted everyone to love each other, that it is ok to be christian in America, and that both sides need to denounce their own misbehavior. Make of that what you will.


Portland police pepper spraying Antifa and you can hear flashbang grenades. And see antifa hurling objects at police…but its probably FALSE…probably CGI

“Free Speech Rally”
So the purpose of the rally was to demonstrate in support of free speech?
Psst, protest organizers, we already have that, you can go home now.

Q: Just how can you tell just Who is throwing what? So, all those NAZIs just stood there and the counter demonstrators did it all…? The police haven’t released who was arrested from what side or for what. But YOU magically know its all from one side?

Sounds like DS alright.

I suspect what they mean is they want speech to actually be free. I mean, when you drive around with the stars-and-bars waving from your rollbar, and then some namby-pamby librul calls you an asshole, that harms your free speech. You should be able to say whatever you want, whenever you want, to whomever you want, without consequence. Otherwise it is not free speech.

LOL you think the Trump supporters are standing in the middle of the Antifa supporters and the cops are just moving them all back? And who was arrested has nothing to do with nothing. Your OWN cite says that counter protesters threw rocks and other projectiles at police. Counter protesters ARE. Groups. Who. Are protesting the Trump rally.

So you have your own cite affirming my OP, and I’ve provided video evidence of Antifa being pepper sprayed by portland police. You can clearly see said Antifa hurling objects at advancing police.

…but you still cling to some delusion. Hilarious. Your ridiculous FALSE post has been throughly debunked. Just apologize and move on.

And here’s a video of a ‘counter protester’ being hauled off in flex-cuffs.

I don’t know what narrative Frau Blucher (whinney) is trying to make but ‘pro antifa’ certainly is a weird hill to fight on. Maybe because im anti-antifa he thinks im a Trump supporter. (lol)

Here’s an Antifa guy being arrested. Probably FALSE.

and finally at 12:23 here

the reporter says that the Trump protest has been non-violent and that the police are concentrating on the Antifa people in Chapman square. That criminal activity and projectiles are being thrown in Chapman Square where Antifa are.

But Antifa are so peaceful. I can see how dubious this all is.

Bless you Sams.

Guys, the actual footage takes a shit on your narratives. Be honest & take in the breathtaking stupidity of the real fascists in these scenarios.

It’s not really a surprise that the ironically named Antifa acts violently to suppress speech and other civil liberties. What is surprising is that the police have been so tolerant.

Here is a video of the guy who organized the rally. No divisive language there. Nope, none at all.

More about the guy who organized the Portland event,

Sounds like a piece of work to me. He said that the left and the right should criticize their own when they go too far – I wonder if he ever said anything about the Malheur/Bundy incident. Did he criticize those guys?