So, is there anything we're allowed to put ketchup on?

We all know putting ketchup on steak is a faux pas possibly beneath even Homer Simpson. According to the “You’re enjoying food wrong” thread, it’s also a no-no to put it on a hot dog. So is there any food that I can safely apply ketchup to without drawing scorn from the fooderati, or has it now attained the status of a total pariah, to be shunned by all castes of edible society? And are there any (other) substances with such a status? Heck, even Cheez Wiz is acceptable on a cheesesteak.

Frankly, I’ve grown a bit weary of the “oh my, how gauche” crowd. Ketchup is but one manifestation.

It’s all right for you to eat ketchup ironically.

Put it on whatever the fuck you want.

The only people who will tell you it’s wrong are the people who are so insecure in their own food habits that they have to take note of what’s trendy.

French fries.

It’s allowed on fries. It’s not as good as mustard on fries, but I believe in diversity. But only to that extent, I back criminal penalties for it’s use on anything else.

I don’t use ketchup because I don’t care for the taste. Put it on whatever the fuck you want.

Ketchup snobs deserve to be laughed at by everybody.

I absolutely use it on hot dogs.

Use it on whatever you like. Remember that ketchup has natural mellowing agents that help keep a person in touch with reality.

You mean, snobs that like it, or snobs that hate it?

I like it on burgers (with mustard). Not on fries; but that’s personal preference. I’ll also put it on meatloaf, unless it’s really, really good meatloaf.

And because I’m from New England, I put it on roast beef sandwiches.

The veins of a mummy named Betty

I like ketchup on every manifestation of the potato except mashed.

I only use ketchup with one food: I mix it with a tremendous amount of horseradish to use as cocktail sauce with shrimp. I make my cocktail sauce at least three or four times stronger than most other examples I’ve had. I don’t even use ketchup with fries.

Other people? I don’t care, though I do find it fairly revolting when people use it on steak or eggs, but that’s about it.

Different people have different tastes and opinions. Eat your food whatever way gives you pleasure. Otherwise we’re all just sucking up tasteless glop, Matrix-style.

I like ketchup and put it on a lot of things. Not steak or hotdogs, but I’m not going to look down my nose if thats the way you like yours. I will say I have moved more towards less sauces/condiments as I’ve gotten older (and my cooking skills have improved). I’ve also gotten into other things like chipolte sauce, so that also makes less ketchup time.

I still like ketchup on burgers, french fries, onion rings, meatloaf, and a few other things.

Put it on whatever the hell you want.

The proper response to anyone telling you that you’re eating anything wrong is to laugh in their face and then return to eating, without paying them any further attention.

Now pardon me while I enjoy some deep-fried filet minion chunks in mayo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never had that. Is it yellow all the way through, or just on the surface? Does it taste like chicken?

Filet minion? :eek:

Hot dogs
Meat loaf
Cottage cheese

Basically anything you want. I use it on fries, and if I’m not using a bun I use it on hot dogs. I don’t use it on meatloaf, but I use it in it.

I rarely drink, but I prefer red wine with poultry because the only time you should drink white wine is when you’re out of red.

So sue me.

I’ll put it on almost anything savory, including a lot of cooked vegetables given the opportunity. I won’t use it on high-end steaks, but that’s not a ketchup thing; that’s a condiment thing.